Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

Last cell group meeting was rather different, maybe its a public holiday, we had a short meeting but a very long fellowship time.

Dorin prepared ingredient for sushi making, hot japanese soup with noodles, frangrance japanese curry and rice.... makes me mouth water even when I'm writing this...

How good you say?

Ask them, hear what they have to say...

Taru: "Mmm? mmm mmm..."

Amanda: "Mmmm..."

Sienny: "Must have more..."

Eileen(near tears): "Gooooood"

Angeline: "MMmmmmm mmm..."

Children sat around the TV watching Rataouille, but it was Amanda who laughed the loudest.

Bu not everyone likes Cartoon...

We also celebrated Claire's Birthday, she looked surprised, but she got no idea the candle is actually a re-kindle type, she has to do better than one puff.

So Grace helped her by dropping it into a cup of water which turns out to belong to Amanda.

We got her a very stylish handbag, matching her top.