Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Gal!

Its birthday celebration time again and this November 21st baby is our live-wire, fire-cracker, prawn-cracker and bombastic singer. Ok, enough said, words are not enough to describe this person because she is just too dynamic. By now you might have guessed who she is. Yep, its our dear girl Amanda's birthday!

This girl is amazing, not only she has most powerful, unique and contagious laughter, her liveliness and energy are also infectious. Amanda is one such person who brings much joy, laughter and fun to others. With her around, it's hard to be a serious person because you'll cracked up eventually, and that truly is a powerful gift.

Happy Birthday to you...

May your wish come true...

Birthday speech giver Violet gave a classic quote about Amanda - tough on the outside but warm and fuzzy on the inside!

Our resident birthday speech giver Joshua sums up Amanda perfectly with 4 Ls - Lively, Loving, Loyal and Loud

Amanda giving her birthday speech

'President' Chee Foo awarding the present..

It's a pair of nice ballet-style flats that is so very Amanda.

And also a very Amanda top. Trying to do a pose à la Kungfu Panda?

This time, Patissier Daniel made 2 big ice-cream cakes for Amanda

Chocolate ice-cream cake

and Pistachio ice-cream cake

We are such a spoilt bunch..oppps...I mean blessed...aren't we? :P

Welcome To This World Sweetie!

N116 warmly welcomes the latest and youngest addition to the cellgroup - Baby Cheyanne! (pronounced as 'Shy Anne')

This little princess is the bundle of joy of a VIP in the cellgroup, and of course this VIP is......our very own chief Mr. Wong Chee Foo! That's right, Chee Foo had been promoted to be a daddy and so this marks the beginning of a new chapter for him call 'fatherhood'.

Indeed, it must be an amazing process and experience for a first-time mum and dad to witness the birth of their first child and holding her in their arms, feeding and caring for her, seeing their little baby turned 1 month old and finally celebrating their first baby shower.

Congratulations Chee Foo, we are so happy for you and proud of your 'promotion'. Children are a gift from God. We pray that God will bless you and Xiao Wei abundantly with more gifts like this, so that you can fulfill God's calling in the bible, and that is Genesis 1:28 - 'Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it'!

Baby shower + great fellowship @ Chee Foo's house

Sumptuous buffet corner

Men's fellowship corner?

Women's fellowship in the room (sorry Joseph!)...actually we came for the aircon :P

Belinda's signature smile

Joyce, Shufen and Michele

Grace and Michael's little prince

Baby Jonathon's turning 1 soon!

Is Gregory inspired to be in the same league with Chee Foo and Michael?