Monday, September 29, 2008

Are you ready?

The 2008 Arise and Build is round the corner.

Are you ready to give once again?


Asia Conference 2008 will be here in November.

I've checked out the updates for this 5-day conference and there's a line of exciting events and programs awaiting us.

Are you ready to receive and be inspired by all these great speakers?

Kong Hee

Benny Hinn

A.R. Bernard

Ulf Ekman

Phil Pringle

Chris Pringle


Important Notes:
  1. Electives workshops are optional, and each participant may sign up for a maximum of 6 workshops.
  2. Participants are strongly encouraged not to change their choice of electives after submission of registration.
  3. All workshops will be held in the afternoons, and the duration of each elective is 1 hour.
  4. The class size for each elective is limited and registration is based on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to make amendments to the list of electives wherever necessary.
Code Description
PW1 Effective Evangelism
PW2 Cell Group Leadership
» Attributes of a leader
» Home Cell Group Leadership Class
» Raising up able helpers
» How to build unity
PW3 Men's Ministry
» Selecting and recruiting ministry workers
» Workflow and communication of information among ushers
» Structure of the ministry
PW4 Effective Missions & Church Planting
» Planting of churches and training of church workers
» Selecting and recruiting ministry workers
» Workflow and communication of information among ushers
» Structure of the ministry
PW5 Starting A Children's Ministry
» Selecting and recruiting ministry workers
» Workflow and communication of information among ushers
» Structure of the ministry
PW6 Youth Ministry
» Selecting and recruiting ministry workers
» Workflow and communication of information among ushers
» Structure of the ministry

Code Description
CA1 Organizational Leadership
CA2 Sound and Media Ministry
» Logistical & expertise requirements
» Selecting, recruiting and training of ministry workers
CA3 Being a Good PA to the Pastor
» Requirements of a good PA
» Factors: characteristics, personality, work attitude, etc.
CA4 IT System in the Church / Church Management System
» Logistical & expertise requirements
» Selecting, recruiting and training of ministry workers

Code Description
PD1 Social Etiquette & Personal Grooming
» Importance and relevance of social etiquette
» Different social etiquettes in different cultures
» How to carry yourself well
PD2 Building a Healthy Self-image
» How to build a strong and healthy self-image
PD3 Debt Management
» Personal/ Household Budget planning
» How to get out of debts
PD4 Adversity Quotient & Emotional Quotient
» What is AQ and EQ?
» How do they apply to your personal life, work life and family life?
» How to grow your AQ and EQ
PD5 Choosing The Right Partner In Life
» Personality matches
» Courtship & the Sexual Ladder
PD6 Conflict & Anger Management In A Marriage
» Ways to resolve conflicts
» What to do when you are angry
PD7 Effective Parenting
» Styles of parenting
» Understanding the behaviors & development of your child
» Understanding your child’s mental & emotional needs
» How to communicate and relate to your teenager
» Understanding your child’s needs
» Helping your child cope with daily routines and activities

Code Description
CS1 Effective Counseling
» Basic skills of a non-professional counselor
CS2 Coping With Depression
» Signs of depression
» Etiology of depression
» Depression-related mood disorders & possible sources of help
CS3 Helping Someone Break An Addiction
» Understanding addiction
» Practical steps in breaking an addiction

Code Description
CR1 Dynamics of A Contemporary Worship Band
» Skill requirements
» Composition of a contemporary worship band
CR2 Songwriting For Praise & Worship
» What constitutes a good song?
» Technical aspects
CR3 Art of Worship Leading
» Vocal aspect
» Spiritual aspect
» Mechanics of worship leading

Code Description
MP1 Marketing & Branding
» Importance of marketing and branding
» What is a successful marketing & branding campaign?
MP2 Social Entrepreneurship
» What is social entrepreneurship?
» Importance of social entrepreneurship
» How you can do your part
MP3 Starting a Market Place Ministry
MP4 Starting a New Business
» Understanding your target market
» Deciding on your product & methods of marketing
» Consideration factors: Ordering methods, payment methods, delivery options etc


There's something for everyone..

- For the basketball Enthusiasts

A.C Football Championships
- For the street-soccer lovers

A.C Golf Cup 2008
- For those who embrace the iron

Dash & Win
- For the families whom are loves challenges

The Brainest Family
- For the brainy family

- For you who has a talent to showcase

Fashion Fiesta
- For you who has a eye for beauty, colors and fashion

Manhunt & Beauty Pageant 2008

- For you who has what it takes to strut down the runway

Mark your calendars, take leave from your work, see you at Asia Conference from 19-23 November!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Multiplication Night Part 2

Being N116-ers, we have a strong culture of fellowship simply because we enjoy one another's presence and companionship.

So you think we will just adjorn to our homes afterwards and cry?


We continue to make merry and eat and laugh our hearts out even after cell group ended way into late night...
.... @ Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe!

Don't get me wrong, not that we are not sad that we are going to be in separate cell groups soon, but we want to treasure every moment we have.

There were 12(Zhifu, Daniel Cheah, Benny, Gabriel, Amanda, Sky, Madeline, Yubing, Dorin, Belinda,Jennifer and me) of us. Like the Last Supper.
Shepherd Zhifu jokingly told us he'll wash our feets afterwards.
The ladies sat together and the men sat at another table.
Seeing this table so empty and long, the ladies decided to fill it up.
And so we ordered..
and ordered...
and ordered...
and ordered...

and ordered somemore!

and we just won't stop ordering...

like we have starved for 3 days..

which of course is not the case! We just ate 3 sets of regular pizza during refreshment time!~

So much food that even the men sat in amazement when they saw our food arrived..

and the ladies topped it up with drinks too...

What's a meal without desserts too?
Sorry, keeping a lady's composure was not the protocol that night. We were the noisest people in the cafe that night. Especially and perhaps only from the ladies' table.
We talked and we joked and we laughed SO SO loud during our nearly 2 hours plus of fellowship that I guessed had we not ordered such an abundant of food, we would have been thrown out.

And finally our ice cream came...
We took a nice picture with it..
And then the mischievous bunch of us decide to play with the ice cream..
We decided to do some distortion trick.. See the above picture, it's as if you are so close to the moon but in actual fact you are not..

And I seemed to be having the ice cream in my mouth but not...
I decided not to post what Jennifer and Dorin did to Yubing with their fingers and chopsticks. Afterall, Yubing is still *hems* single and available... Anybody wants to see the pictures, can come find me.. wahahha!
To Yubing: Now you know what to do right? HAHA~

See, our ice cream is still so sturdy even after playing and laughing hysterically for nearly 10 minutes..
And because the night is late and we have laughed and ate merrily...We called it a day.
I got to say, indeed being in N116 was an very enjoyable experience durin these 2 years. From young to the old, we bonded very well and we can click with everyone. And though we are going to be in separate cell groups soon, some of us have already scheduled trips and outings together.These 2 years have bonded us and caused us to be closer than we first expected. We may be at different locations but I believe our hearts will be together.
God is good!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Multiplication Night

As any healthy cell group is suppose to grow and multiply and spread throughout the earth for the glory of His Kingdom, so is this cell group...

N116 has grown since the last multiplication 2 years ago. With the cell group attendance of 27 and service attendance of 34, it is the fastest growing cell in the ET Zone.

For the past 2 weeks there have been words of multiplication speculating among the members. Last night Chee Foo finally finalized by announcing the new grouping.

The night started as any other night with an ice-breaking game...

Our old favorite "Blanket game"

Each team send out a member to shout the opponent's name when the blanket is dropped, the first person doing so will be the winner. The rest of the team mates will be supporting...

Each team has their own tactics and strategy... some ready to lunge forward...

others will try to scare them...

Joy trying to disfigure her pretty face...

I've been looking at this picture for a long time but still couldn't figure out the hand that's placed on Belinda's head... belongs to who???

After he shared the Word, Chee Foo showed a presentation of video he prepared, in appreciation of each and every one of us.

To honor and encourage members to excel... Every year Chee Foo will prepare a few awards for few of the outstanding members.

Cindy won the "Connect Group leader of the month Aug"

Violet won the "Best Newcomer award" for being teachable, integrating well into the cell group and being ready to serve in the ministry.

Amanda Shen won the "Most Courageous award" for having a good attitude even in time of crisis.

Yubing having won the "Connect Group Leader of July" has gone on to win the "Most Outstanding Award" for her best achievement as connect group leader and her good attitude with other members, always there for them and helping them grow.

Then Chee Foo went on to show his appreciation by presenting a token of small gift to each and every member.

At the back of the each gift is a color code, we were then grouped according to the color. That's the new grouping for the new cell group.

Amanda doing a solo special item. Encouraging everyone to keep shining and keep smiling... Friendship is not over... We can still count on each other for anything.

We went on to say goodbye... it was not easy, this is a strongly knitted family, for the years that I've been in it, there has never been any politics, or division...

We have never shown anything less than love for each other...

There isn't anyone in it that I don't love... Neither are there members that don't like each other. There's always been love and sacrifice for each other.

But we know it is time to be planted in some other place and grow there.

We sang our last song "We're family that Love"

Many had teary red eyes... but we still sang every word from the bottom of our heart.

The Yellow card holders staying behind with Chee Foo will help to grow N116 once again.

Red Card holders are sent to Jia Hui's Cell Group.

The Blue card holders are going to Jin Lian's cell group except for Johnny, he has decided to follow his calling and be transferred to a Filipino Cell Group which he feels that's where he will use his experience and help his people adapt to this foreign land. It must have been a painful decision as he mentioned, he has been with us for the past 7 years. But at this cross junction, it is really time to go separate ways...

The fake award winners... but we know we are all winners tonight for coming this far.

The real award winners of the night.


Who say adult cell group can't grow?


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fear Factor δΉ‹ Facing the needles (Rating to be advised)

*WARNING*: Below contains graphic images. Any adverse consequences such as dizziness, naseousness and hyperventilation shall be bear by the reader alone.

Are you afraid of needles?
Are you afraid of blood?
Then ALL the more you should conquer your fears!

By donating your blood!

Give blood, save lives!~

Shepherd Zhifu leads the way.

Look at his smile, the saying that it's a mosquito's bite is true~

Filling up the necessary forms that you are not a HIV carrier, have not contracted chickenpox in the last 12 months and mostly importantly, have faint not after running through such detailed information before even going into the donation room. HAHA!

Yubing getting ready to donate her blood!

Eh, Benny was nowhere in the room with Yubing and Zhifu.

But anyway,the way to fill up the blood bag is to keep squeezing the ball that they gave you.

Less than 15 minutes and you are ready to package your blood on the way to save some lives!

The bravehearts of N116. *Cheesze* Don't they still look rosy after donation?

And Benny finally came back and informed us that he had donated a big bag of blood despite his lanky frame.

Very healthy indeed!

(Chickenpox carrier since March = No donation of blood for me)

And I can only lend my smile and camera to take hold of these wonderous moments. HOHO~

See you next time for the next blood donation drive!!!