Tuesday, April 29, 2008

F1 Racing

Last Saturday, 26/04/08, was a day of outing for the adult in the ET Zone.
Its a time for the adults in the zone to get together and mingle mingle...

The "management" took much time and effort to plan this massive game.

Some of us come prepared for all sorts of situation.

We have a "Movie Star" among us.

The F1 racer "Models".

You can see the determination to win on Cindy's face.

Mingling before the race

First stop was to the Smelly Bean Curd Shop where they sell the specially fermented pieces of tofu and then deep fried it.
When we reached there, the smell tells us it is the right store.
Some of us couldn't even stand near the store, but I like it.

Because there was a sudden increase in demand, we had to wait for the tofu to be fried, that's why it so hot to eat.

The next stop was at Old Airport Road hawker store, where we are to buy a buy a bowl of Ice Kacang and decorate it with sweets and tidbits which we bought earlier and finish eating it fast.

Some of us bought chewing sweets and Fisherman's Friend... no way we can swallow these in a mouthful.

This is the next clue that was given, Aden figured without looking at it. All it took was to tell him its somewhere in East Coast Park.

Before heading to the next checkpoint, we were told to buy durian and bring it along.

This is the second last station, we have to "Fight" with the other teams to get to the clue at the top of the tower.

At the end point, every team brought out their own durain comparing sizes and prices.

This is the infamous $70 Durian from Amanda's team. How dos it taste?

It's time to find out...

You can see the joy in Joy when she is eating the $70 durian. So, do you think it tasted good?

F1 Racers and Chee Foo

Daniel giving a good report about the goodness of God in his life.

Amanda's team got the "Unity Award"

Daniel Cheah's got the Runner-up prize

This is the winner of the F1 Race
For more photos, visit the ETZone album

-Joy ;)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bible Quizes

1. Jesus was born in...
a. Nazareth b. Capernaum c. Bethlehem d. Jerusalem eBethsaida

2. In the story of the Good Samaritan, the injured man was traveling towards...
a. Caesarea b. Jericho c. Meggido d. Ramah e. Jerusalem

3. Jesus vanished while eating in the home of two friends at...

4. David was first anointed to be king at
a.Bethel b. Jerusalem c. Hebron d. Aphek e. Bethlehem

5. Wicked city destroyed by God for its gross immorality?

6. Israelite army was embarrassingly defeated near
a.Gilgal b.Ai c.Carmel d. Tiberias e.Bethdagon

7. Jacob and his twelve sons pastured their flock near
a.Tekoa b. Hamath c. Debir d. Zarephath e. Shechem

8. Hometown of Joseph and Mary was
a.Jerusalem b.Bethlehem c.Nazareth d.Ekron e.Hebron

9. North to South was also referred to as "Dan to ?"
a. Egypt b. Lacish c. Gilboa d. Beersheba e. Joppa

10. Hometown of Apostle Paul-
a.Nazareth b. Jerusalem c. Damascus d. Rome e. Tarsus
1:Bethlehem Micah 5:2, Luke 2:4-6
2: Jericho Luke 10:30
3: Emmaus Luke 24:13, 31
4: Bethlehem 1 Samuel 16:1, 4, 13
5: Sodom Genesis 18:20, 19:24, 2 Peter 2:6-7, Jude 1:7
6: Ai Joshua 7:3-8
7: Shechem Genesis 37:12-14
8: Nazareth Matthew 2:23, 21:11, 26:71
9: Beersheba Judges 20:1, 1 Samuel 3:20, 1 Kings 4:25
10: Tarsus Acts 22:3, 9:11, 30, 11:25, 21:39

Brain Teaser

Try saying the color that you see instead of reading the words. You'll find it surprisingly difficult when your right brain is saying the color but the left brain is reading the word.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Water Baptism

In Christianity, baptism (from Greek βάπτισμα and βαπτισμός, meaning "immersing", "performing ablution") is the sacramental act of cleansing in water that admits one as a full member of the Church.

Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Lutherans, are baptized as infants. Baptists and certain other groups baptize only after a person accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior ("believer's baptism"). Most Christians baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but some baptize in Jesus' name only.

In Matthew, the resurrected Jesus commands his disciples to baptize (Mat 28:19)
The Gospel of John says that Jesus baptized, but adds that "Jesus himself baptized not, but his disciples."

The most usual form of baptism among early Christians was for the candidate to stand in water and water to be poured over the upper body. Baptism has traditionally been seen as necessary for salvation. Martyrdom was identified early in church history as baptism by blood, allowing martyrs who had not been baptized by water to be saved. Later, the Church identified baptism by desire, by which, when joined with repentance for their sins, and charity, those preparing for baptism who die before actually receiving the sacrament are considered to be saved.

Our dear Eileen was newly baptised on the 30th March 2008, proclaiming her love for Jesus to the world with such act.

It's probably part of Chee Foo's tradition now to play a little game on the newly baptised. First she has to be blind-folded, then to taste the grainy item on her finger...

Salt of course.

Now that she is baptised, she must also realize that God wants her to be the Salt of the world.

Characteristic of salt: Preserves, Purifies, Heals, Flavors, Melts, Gives Energy, Creates Thirst.


It symbolises, that she is also to be the light of the world and to shine for Jesus.

Characteristics of Light: Illuminates, Promotes Life, Awakens us from sleep, Provides Directions, Is Persistence, Attracts, Solves Problems.


This is for her to know that she is always the apple of God's eye.

Congrats to you Eileen.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hide-ing Out

Last Saturday, we had a fun filled time at ET Zone outing, at the "Hideout Cafe"

Representing N116, we have..*drumroll*

Zhifu, Yubing, Taru, Sienny, Yenny, Magdeline and myself.


Up 1st, was ice-breaking session, each group gets to play different games and ours is called "Ugly Doll" and the rule is simple. (somewhat similar to "Heart Attack")

Everyone picks a card from the pile, and whoever picks the matching card with someone else in the group, you shout the person's name instead of "Heart Attack!"

Whoever is 1st will take the card from the other party.

So in this case, the one with the most cards win, and the losing one will be the one with the least card.

Guess who lost this 1st game in our group?

(If a picture paints a thousand words, a video will replace all my sentences)

Sidenote: There is a "forfeit tree" in Hideout Cafe,

and Zhifu picked the..

"Go to your friends and shout "It's raining!" Then, run to the washroom and wet your face. Return and ask them "How did you manage to keep so dry."

while many others in the other groups picked something else..

This superhero in the picture who has to don a costume and walk around the whole place, taking pictures with others.

We had competitive games with the other groups to score points so that we could win the reward of..

$180 TCC vouchers

and Hideout vouchers for the Runner-up

of course the teams wouldn't want to be the last because everyone in the team will have to pick a forfeit from the forfeit tree.

Next up, we had the game of "Guesstures - Bible edition"

(About: Act up! Act out! Act fast! You have only a few short seconds per word! It looks easy, but it’s not. As soon as your team guesses the word on the card, grab it before it gets swallowed by the card-hungry Mimer Timer. Then hurry on to the next card! The harder the word, the more points it’s worth. Grab the most points to win!)

[Video of Joy]

I was the 1st to represent the group, but I was the videographer at the same time, since I'm up playing the game, you won't see my video.;)


And Yubing..

We had a whooping 21 points, only 1 point short of the leading team.

By this time, Zhifu was already planning how we can spend the vouchers.

Following this, we went back to our groups, had some refreshments and went on the the next 5 games.

(Figure out if the picture on your head is an animal, food, or a household item.
You never know what you are until you start asking questions! Everybody knows but you!)

(The object of the game is for a player to have their partner(s) guess the word on their card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card.)

"Mad Gab"
(It’s the game that has everyone speaking a strange language called Mad Gab! Read a group of simple words aloud, like “Yore Luke Ink Hood”. Did you “hear” the answer? Try saying them again. Sound familiar? Quick, the timer’s ticking! Did you hear yourself say “You’re Looking Good”?
You and your teammates have two minutes to sound out three puzzles.
The faster you guess, the more you score!

OK, the timer is set, the card flipper is loaded and everyone’s ready for a laugh riot!
Just remember: when it comes to scoring points, it’s not what you say, it’s what you hear!)

Gabriel, we know you couldn't join us. This is for you..:p

(The focus is on the fun! Using a variety of shapes, build a picture of the item listed on your Squint Card. Get the picture? If one of the players guesses what you are building before time runs out, you both score points!)

(The whole team will have to work together and plant as many seeds as possible! Beware of the vermin who can take destroy your seeds...Score coins as you harvest the seeds)

Taru & Yubing shows their vocab and acting skills in the game of Taboo..

At the end of the day, we were proud to have won the 3rd position with 217 points.

falling behind the 1st which had 250+ points and 2nd which had 230+ points.

We, the 7 people did quite well if u calculate the average per person points..;)

Don't miss out the upcoming zone outing coming to you end of April!

*** F1 ***
(insert glow)


Hideout cafe is located at Blk 84 Bedok North St. 4

Check out their website and packages, games at Hideout Cafe


Reported by: Joy ;)