Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael!

Michael has always been known as a man of few words. Although he doesn't joke and talk much, his words carry weight and wisdom when he does talk, now that's power in silence. A loving husband to Grace and an adoring father to 2 sons, Michael is a great example of a strong, supportive and responsible family man who always put his family's needs before him. Happy Birthday to you Michael, we pray that God will bless your family with greater financial abundance and anoint you with greater capacity to handle every area in your life!

The October birthday star -Michael

Our birthday coordinator Belinda presenting the cake

Birthday speech givers Cheng Yan and Michele both gave an edifying speech to Michael

And the gift? That's's shopping vouchers. We're just being practical :)

And here's Michael's Tutti Frutti birthday cake by Patissier Daniel, for more great pictures of yummy brithday cakes, please visit his Avoir La Passion Cake blog.

Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

Its the yearly 中秋节 mid autumn festival again! This is one of the best time to get together, drink some tea, eat lots of mooncakes and have some fun. Being the sporting bunch, we decided to light up the lanterns and take a moonlit stroll around the quiet neighborhood.

Lighting the evergreen paper lanterns that are unchanged for the last 20 years.

Amanda's got the green light.

Now we are all ready.

And here we go..with big wide smiles and happy faces!

Strolling in a beeline.

Joshua's wacky invention. How to carry more lanterns? Find a good sturdy tree branch...

Joshua and Gregory - the 2 'big kids' and their newfound toys.

Of course that's not all, mid autumn festival isn't complete without some feast. After we had a good stroll under the moonlight, we treated ourselves to yummy mooncakes, fine chinese tea and some other great food.

We even had a professional tea making set to make fine Chinese tea for all.

Our tea master Cheng Yan demonstrates his Chinese tea brewing skill.

Great food, great tea, great fellowship! What more to ask :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Violet!

Yup...its another joyous occasion here in N116 and now it's Violet in the limelight! It is a pleasure to have Violet in the cellgroup because this warm and friendly lady is always so cheerful and smiley. Violet somehow reminds us of the Godly wife mentioned in the Bible in Proverbs 31. Not only is she a Godly woman, but also a loving wife to David and a doting mother of 1 son. Happy Birthday Violet, we pray that God's blessing will increase abundantly in your family.

The Birthday Gal

Patissier Daniel presents the birthday cake...

Ooohh....its Tiramisu!

If that does not look yummy enough, here's a professionally taken picture of the Tiramisu cake! (courtesy from Avoir La Passion Cake blog by Patissier Daniel)

Birthday speech giver Joshua

Birthday speech giver Amanda

Presenting the preferred Birthday gift in N116 - shopping vouchers!