Friday, April 24, 2009

Susan Boyle - the hope and courage that the world needs now.

Susan Boyle - one of the 'Britian's Got Talent' contestants (a spinoff from 'America's Got Talent') - is making headline news around the world with her singing; and she's also one of the hottest topics buzzing in the internet space lately. Just what is Susan Boyle about? Why is this frumpy and granny looking woman causing such a big sensation in the world? I mean how did she even get herself on the contest??

After seeing her interview reports in the newspapers and on cable TV a few times, I decided to check it out online. So I caught her video and boy I was blown away! I know why she's causing such a big hoo-ha now, simply put she is someone who can melt away every hardness in people and cause them to reflect on themselves.

I can't believe how this video is so brillantly captured, everything from the audience's reactions and judges' comments, to Susan's image, the way she talks, her chosen song, singing and the lyrics, it all fall in place perfectly. It speaks loud of our superficial world and how shallow we are. But it also captures many facade of a human being - from the good, the bad, the ugly to the hopeful, the courageous and the inspirational - the latter are just what the world needs now.

If you not have seen this, you really ought to, check it out below:

Friday, April 17, 2009

The winner of Berlin short film festival 2006 - Chicken a la Carte

In February 2006 at the Berlin International Film Festival, film-makers were invited to join a short film competition on the theme: Food, Taste and Hunger. 3600 filmmakers around the world participated, but only 32 were short-listed. This particular film came in first and won the most popular short film award. (extracted from

This video was forwarded to Dith by her previous cellgroup member. The first 2 minutes of this film will make you wonder why it is a winner, but watch on and you will know the reason...may we always be reminded of how blessed we are and also be a blessing to others.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cellgroup Drama Night

Our dear cellgroup leader Chee Foo prepared a special word for cellgroup last week on 'How to succeed in your career'. What's special is that he and some of our cellgroup members also prepared a mini drama to complement with his preaching! The first half of the drama is about how to ace an interview, the what-to-dos and what-not. The second half is about good and bad working attitude in workplace. Of course, this drama could not be made possible without our exemplary cast:

1. Joshua - as Caleb, who is a fresh graduate with good EQ and is very well prepared for the interview, and later as a good worker who displays excellent work attitude.
2. Grace - as Sharon, a blur and sloppy candidate with low EQ and is very ill-prepared for the interview, and later as a sloppy worker who displays lousy work attitude.
3. Benny - as the boss who interviewed the two candidates, and later as their superior in the workplace.

(also not forgetting Shao Qin who is helping out as the narrater in describing the scenerio details to the audience.)

Want to see them in action? Check out these video snippets below...

Scene 1: Ms Sharon's disaster interview

Scene 2: Mr. Caleb's winning interview

Scene 3: Ms. Sharon's sloppy work attitude

The last scene, which is about Mr. Caleb and his excellent work attitude, was not recorded as the camera-lady ran out of memory space in her camera. Anyway, the moral of the story is to have a successful career, one got to be well-prepared in every situation and have good and winning attitude even right from the start from interview stage to the workplace itself.

Sounds easy but hard to follow right? The fact is a winning attitude does not come naturally, it needs to be developed and requires much effort, change, discipline and willingness. The bible says 'Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth (Proverbs 10:4).' So every time we feel like compromising, we only need to remind ourselves with this verse to get back on track.

Most importantly, we can't have true and lasting career success without good work-life balance! If we work hard, we need to play hard too. So remember to take time to smell the roses, spend time with God and your family, pursue your hobbies and exercise. (Tip: If you don't have time, pray to God and ask him to help you come out with more time!) :)

Anyway, below are some shots taken that day....enjoy!

The 'human knot' game forfeiters

And their forfeit lime! Lime is good ar...can help to slim down! :)

Yummy spread - courtesy of CF after getting his bonus.

Getting the food ready...

Our 3 colorful bottles of 'wine'

Enjoying the yummy spread...

Boy boy...our doggie host of the house

Michele...trying to feed the dog with lemon!? :P


More fellowshipping...

And more....