Sunday, August 29, 2010

SOT 2010 Graduation

29 Aug 2010 is a special day for 4 persons in our cell. It marks the day of being a great finisher, and the day of a new beginner. Daniel Ang, Angela Ng, Joy Ong and Joshua Thong .. we are so proud of you. Not many can do what you guys can do - the faith, courage, perseverance and the many tears collected during the journey. Well done.

We are the die hard fans.

Joy and her dear.. ~so mushy...

Daniel and Shaoqing looking great

My name is Angela.. the always cheerful wife and mum.

Graduated in SOT is one time. Question is "Are you guys wide awake or asleep in the class?" SOT students need to pass N116's test first. hehe... (What is our Daniel doing ? )

Sword = The word of God that changes us.
Belt : Allow to be led by Holy Spirit, that sets us free.
Shoe : We are to be the messengers of God, that brought good news and peace to others.

Helmet : Jesus is my Salvation

Indeed, these guys pass with flying colors.

N116 has a special gift for you guys - with your name engraved

How do you guys feel today ?

A sense of victory...


Now I can spend more time to mop house's floor.

I need some good sleep.

Say "Cheese"

Interested to know how the banners are made ?

The creative team

Hmm... How to squeeze Joshua into this yellow paper ?

Let me show you how to draw Daniel banner

The two gals have worked very hard. Our great designer, Cindy came out the design for Angela effortlessly. By the way, she is so engrossed with the cutting that she missed her class at 4pm. Oops..

Almost done. Tired but happy.