Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sun's Dance Single in US - China Wine

For those who have yet to hear or see Sun's dancing and Geisha look in her previous dance single 'China Wine' with Wyclef Jean, check it out below:

China Wine MTV

Mr. Bill MTV

Live in Singapore Concert

Here's an old writeup on her when she released this single (Source:

SUN AKA GEISHA, a four-time platinum music artist and singing sensation in Asia, has signed a production deal with legendary producer and musician, Wyclef Jean, to executive produce SUN’s upcoming North American debut album. The first single from her album, “China Wine,” which was written by SUN and Wyclef Jean, will drop in July 2007 along with their much anticipated music video.

SUN exploded onto the international music scene just over five years ago with her Asian debut album, “Sun with Love,” which she followed with three other albums which continued to double in sales - all going platinum. SUN has performed sold-out concerts in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore and China for as many as 20,000 people a night. She has been awarded everything from the MTV Asia Award, to the Hong Kong Metro Music Award, to the Yahoo! Singaporean of the Year Award. SUN broke into the US and UK music industry with four back-to-back dance and rhythm singles that all hit the top of the Billboard Dance Club Chart and the UK’s Music Week Dance Chart.

Wyclef Jean is currently at the top of the charts with his songwriting and executive producing efforts. His Grammy-nominated single and video with Shakira (Hips Don’t Lie) continues to be played globally on radio and television stations everywhere. As a songwriter and producer, his musical talent has influenced projects for Whitney Houston, Santana, Destiny’s Child , The Black Eyed Peas and of course the multi Grammy winning Lauren Hill, who along with Wyclef made up two thirds of the legendary Fugees.

SUN’s single, “China Wine,” was recorded at Wyclef Jean’s famed Platinum Sound Recording Studio in New York City. “China Wine” brings elements of Asia, the United States and the Caribbean together to create a world party dance hall – reggae-tone vibe that is completely original.

Along with SUN and Wyclef Jean, who appears courtesy of Columbia Records, the song will feature Elephant Man, appearing courtesy of VP Music Group Inc., and Tony Matterhorn, who had a massive Caribbean hit with “Dutty Wine.” “China Wine” is building a buzz in clubs, with dance hall and radio audiences in Jamaica, the Caribbean Islands and the United States, including hotbeds like Miami, Atlanta and New York. China Wine also features SUN’s alter ego The GEISHA. This alter ego will feature heavily in each of SUN’s first two singles, “China Wine” and its follow-up, “Mr. Bill.” The two singles were written as a two-part story arc involving SUN’s journey from her mainland China upbringing to her immersion in a Carribean neighborhood in New York where she becomes involved in a dangerous relationship with one of the island’s kingpins, played by Beckford.

Both the “China Wine” and “Mr. Bill” videos were shot on location by renowned music video director, Wayne Isham (Britney Spears, Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Bon Jovi, Keith Urban and the Rolling Stones), whose videos often read like feature-length films, incorporating Isham’s intricate use of cinematography and art direction. The videos bring together Carribean, Asian, and US musical influence with a sound and a visual style that is fresh and totally original.

To help with this vision, Christian Audigier, creative director of Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear, Christian Audigier Atelier and SMET, was brought on to style the clothing and special look for SUN and her backup dancers. Christian Audigier is based in Los Angeles and has taken the casual urban street scene by storm with his Asian-inspired twist on tattoos, denim and camouflage.

SUN is currently in Asia busily promoting her newest platinum selling album. She spent April, May and June in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China performing to sold-out stadiums in city after city. Her fifth record-breaking Asian album has already surpassed the sales of her previous albums.

SUN will fly back to the United States in July 2007 where she will finish her debut English speaking album. Along with Wyclef Jean and his team of producers, SUN plans on recording several more songs for her US album at Platinum Sound Recording in New York with an intended release date for the first quarter of 2008.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Combined Cellgroup Week

We had a combined cell group meeting with N149 at Cheng Yan's house last week. It was the second combined meeting for N149 and N116, but this time it was special because both cellgroup leaders are present! The reason for a combined cell was because Sister Jiahui had to come later due to work committment. Our dear CF, albeit feeling being a bit nervous in the presence of a senior cell leader, preached on a great topic on how to improve communication and the interesting COMET model. Perhaps one more thing we can learn from CF is how to conceal nervousness because there just isn't any trace of it at all! :P

Anyway back to the COMET model, we tend to fall into one of these categories when talking to someone:

C - Cliche superficial conversation (e.g. talk about weather, stock market, news > this is the 1st level talk.)
O - Reporting facts from others (e.g. Jane told me we should not attend the workshop > we reach 2nd level when we start reporting facts from others, while holding back on our own ideas.)
M - My ideas and judgement (e.g. I think the male speaker is bad > 3rd level is when we start discussing our opinions on a matter or person.)
E - My emotions and feelings (e.g. I was so upset about the office politics > 4th level is when we start sharing our feelings about events in our lives.)
T - Total, truthful, open communication between 2 parties > the 5th and highest level of communication, where we have no-holds barred conversations and sharing our deepest thoughts, feelings or even darkest secrets with the other party.)

Real communication starts from level 3 onwards, so we are encouraged to move up the scale and start building deeper relationships with others, especially with our loved ones and close friends in our social circles.

After that, we celebrated birthdays for 3 person and they are none other than Mr. Lim, Dorin and Taru! :)

More Pics...

Ohh and by the way, we started cellgroup by playing the 'Forest, Hunter, Squirrel' game and we had some people who didn't make it. Below is the video clip on the forfeit where the forfeiters had to do a catwalk and pose. (P/S: Sorry about the beginning part, the cameralady didn't realise that she was holding the camera vertically until abit later.) Enjoy the video! :D

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Grace!

We celebrated our hot mama Grace's birthday in last week's cell group. People might not even have guessed that she is a mother of 2 boys. Not only she had a 5-yr old son, she had also just given birth to a super cute babyboy, and the important thing is that she doesn't even look like she had just given birth! Now that's one big blessing from God, we prayed that the glory of God be upon you so that you'll keep looking youthful for as long as possible. :D

And here's another Le Daniel's creation - Strawberry Cake. That's because our dear Grace loves strawberries, how thoughtful is that! :D

Friday, February 6, 2009

CG 6 February 2009

CG this week is slightly different.

Other than the usual praise and worship, in place of Zhifu's time of sharing the word, we viewed a video on Pastor's Kong visit of Taipei New Life Church, Taiwan.

Some facts of Taipei New Life Church (which I translate to the best of my ability from the official website (

- ... This is a church focused on building a spiritual life, based on a balanced five-prong approach - preaching of the word, the bible, the Holy Spirit, unity and ministry.
(...這是一個以建造活潑的靈命為主軸,以宣教、聖經、聖靈、團契及服事等完整平衡的五大架構為建造策略的教會。 )

- Taipei New Life Church was founded by Rev.Abraham Ku in January 1996, with 11 people under his care. It grew to a centre for evangelism, and was officially established in 1996.

- In June 2008, attendance broke-through to 1750.

- Taipei New Life Church is a cosmopolitan church, is situated in the heart of Taipei. Members are from all walks of life and ages - 6% children, 15% high school students, 20% university students, 40% youths, 20% adults, with diverse family background, schools and occupation, but one in Chirst.

- From year 2000, Rev. Abraham Ku led the church to reach out to the campuses to win the youth in this new generation. In the recent years, Rev. Ku taught and built the members on "Church Without Walls", using strong and a wide variety of outreach program to touch 97% of unchurched members, being real, genuine care and concern as a way of lifestyle. As such, the members understood the importance of engaging the culture, leaning upon the grace and wisdom of God, shining as the salt and light in the marketplace with an attitude of excellence)
(從2000年開始,為了贏得新世代的年輕人,顧其芸牧師帶領全教會弟兄姊妹委身於青少年事工。近年來,顧牧師倡導以外展佈道為導向的「無牆教會」觀念來建 造教會,全教會以紮實和多元的佈道策略,更直接地接觸97%的未信者,對福音朋友真實的認領與關懷成為弟兄姊妹的生活方式。因此,全教會的弟兄姊妹開始瞭 解文化職任的重要性,靠著神的恩典和智慧,用卓越的態度和表現在職場作光作鹽。)

- On the other hand, celebrities and the creative team in church engage the pop culture with pop music, and released two music albums, organised concerts in campuses, and "Rainbow Project" - a platform to help young people in Taiwan fulfil their dreams. It encompasses 12 different areas involving the creative arts, including training in the Creative School, Youth Creative Competition, Celebrity Community, training for Future Leaders etc.. In 2008, the church worked with 70 campuses in Taiwan andmany youths turned to Christ, starting a revival in campus ministry. The church is looking forward to mould a generation of people whom have great visions and have a new DNA in them.
(另一方面,教會裡的藝人和創意團隊也開始用流行音樂進入流行文化,發行「遇見」和「希望」專輯,舉辦校園演唱會,特別開闢了彩虹天堂的平台,這是一個全國 性幫助年輕人實現夢想的國度,涵蓋了12個創意性事工,包括新創藝學校的訓練課程、青年新創藝大賽、新藝人家族、未來領袖塑造課程及國內外服務學習…等。 感謝主!2008年我們開展了七十個校園禾場,贏得了許多年輕人信主,點燃了校園福音的復興之火!我們期待藉此塑造出懷有遠大願景及嶄新DNA的台灣新世 代!)


What really impacted me the most is the fact that although New Life Church is a church of limited resources. But with a unlimited God and with willingness to try new things, creativity, tapping into every individual's potential, gifts and talents, and getting every persons involved, they are making a big difference in the lives of many.

The lives that are changed are trained, involved in the creative arts and they in turn touch the lives of others as well.

The use of promotional videos, MTVs, music, celebrity influences on the youth, not just reaching the youths, but reaching what the youths are influenced by in this age and time.

Everyone has a need within them, they may be our superiors at work, colleague, or a celebrity. Everyone has something within them that can't be shared freely at times, we need to establish a common ground, building the bridge, accept them for who they are, be a friend, be relevant, be genuinely concerned and care about them.

Everyone has a role to play, anyone can be an inspiration to someone around them, as long as we can stand in the gap for each other.

We hear so much about the "Cultural Mandate", the "Caring System", "Find a need, meet a need, Find a hurt, heal a hurt", "Church Without Walls". New Life Church has taken the slogans and applied them, and is the example of the sermons being lived out.

Creativity is a flow, it will only flow when it's continually used.


Seed MV

SeedMV from swchao on Vimeo.

and many more available at
.::Nanny Joy ::.

CNY gathering

The Chinese New Year would not be complete without a visit to relatives and friends to exchange blessings and to catch up on the past one year.

For the single, young individuals, working or not, would be the chance for extra "bonuses" with the collecting of Ang Baos or Red Packets.

Red packet is also known as 压岁钱 , red is considered as a auspicious color and in the Chinese culture, red is also associated with luck and happiness. In olden days, elders in the family would give the children money wrapped in red paper (which evolves to the red envelopes with colorful and beautiful prints that we see now) as a form of blessing. may be wondering why I am going into the details..

well, last sunday, Zhifu and his wife "opened" their lovely home in Jurong for the members to gather and have a time of gathering and fellowship.

The young, and the younger ones, some n116 alumni members gathered after service to make our way to his place, we were greeted with lots of yummy food prepared by Zhifu and Daniel chef.

Yummy homemade fare by Daniel & CF's mum! (Chicken wings, hotdogs, prawns, fried rice, bee hoon, kong bah pau, yam paste, green bean soup...)

After a time of food, chatting, Kungfu Panda, boxing (in Wii), we had more chatting and some of the younger ones retreated into one of the spare rooms for a game of UNO, while the young ones had a good time catching up.

Wii Boxing - Joy VS. Michele (great workout!)

I must say, that it is by far the longest time, we spent on per round of UNO. But it was lots of fun and laughter.

It was certainly a week-end well spent!

.::Nanny Joy ::.