Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blood Donation

We are saved by grace, and thereafter we ought to have good works.
We are not queueing for the latest gadgets, but waiting for our turns to be poked at Suntec Hall 603. Indeed, like what we learn today about the unity of locust. There's tremendous power and unity as we donate blood as a church.

Dith is looking photogenic.

Five warriors initially. Guess who is the missing one ?

This is what the children, wife and maid doing while waiting.

Greg is checking if nurse is poking at the correct vein.
Smiling champion. His packet of blood is ready for collection within 5min plus. Well done!

Chee Foo lying beside Greg, and we are competing. No sweat for Richard. One packet does not seems enough.
Total capacity of blood to be filled = 450ml. (Bigger than a can of coke)
Happily posing. See our colorful bandages.

Hey, where's Meredith ???

Meredith, don't be sad. Try again next time. Richard recommends to do push up, and Chee Foo recommends to do a set of 100 everyday. Hee...

Well done to all the volunteers in N116. You give your time, energy, finances, and even your blood! You are really doing good works.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fellowship CG on 15 Sep 2011

It's a Thursday, and we are not at Cheng Yan's house.

We are at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe @ Kovan
Ahem... fellowship is important and spiritual too. Somehow, the turn out seems to be better than a normal cgm.
Men's talk

Women's conference. Heard that there's great story tellers in our midst.

Thank you for your fellowship!