Thursday, May 28, 2009

Double Birthday Celebrations

Previously we celebrated part 1 of Joshua's birthday, so now its time for part 2. This time round we had another person's birthday coming up as well, who is none other than our star chef and patissier of N116 - Mr. Daniel Ang! As such, we had a double birthday celebration during our cellgroup meeting.

The birthday boys - Daniel and Joshua

Daniel sharing how he had advanced in his career, marriage and walk with God in the past 1 year.

Joshua making a speech on the progress he made under the loving care and support of the cellgroup and cellgroup leader Chee Foo.

Happy Birthday Daniel and Joshua!

Birthday speech giver Violet commending on Daniel's sacrificial attitude and willingness in taking the time and trouble to bake a cake everytime there is a brithday celebration in cellgroup, and even thoughtful enough to note everyone's unique taste, so that he can make something the person likes!

Birthday speech giver #1 for Joshua - Cheng Yan - who highlights a positive thing about Joshua that he is a godly man who hears God's words and actually apply them in real life.

Birthday speech giver #2 for Joshua - Camelia - who came well prepared with a 'presentation' chart.

'Joshua...I think you are a generous person...a good friend...a loving father...'

Joshua receiving his 'certificate' of good characteristic from Camelia.

Birthday present for Joshua from the cellgroup.

A Davidoff perfume for Daniel and a Superman tee-shirt for Joshua! Why superman tee? Because we think Joshua is a superman and superdad who can juggle his many roles so well. :D

The birthday cakes we bought. No cakes from Le Daniel this time...well it doesn't make sense for our star chef to bake a cake for himself right? kekeke...

Brothers in christ forever....

Last but not least, this is a forfeit shot for the games, where we got everyone to put on their widest smile. Joshua is trying to scare us off but we think he looks really cute here... :P

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Gregory!

We celebrated our dear brother Gregory's Birthday last week during cellgroup meeting. It was a special day because it's the first time N116 celebrated for Gregory ever since he came over to this cellgroup. It was a celebration filled with gifts and surprises. Birthday speech giver Janice came prepared with an awesome 'presentation' and a touching speech.

Happy Birthday to you...God's Blessing you now...

Gregory absolutely loves the cake Daniel made for him!

Another super yummy Le Daniel's creation - pear birthday cake - Greg's fav!

And a very touched Gregory giving his biggest hug to Daniel.

Janice is so sweet and thoughful to spend time preparing this wonderful speech for Gregory.

Janice goes on to elaborate her encounter of Gregory on each character. S for being a Sage, W for your warm-heartedness, E for your experiences, E for your enchanting personality, T for your thoughtfulness and S for your spontaneity! One word to sum up Gregory - SWEETS!

The cost of this chart? Priceless...

The perfect gift for a wine lover...

Another gift for Gregory...

Its a nice black polo tee!

Thank you...I love you all! xoxo...

KTV Outing

ET zone had a KTV outing recently. As there are many humble people in our cellgroup who are rather shy to sing out loud, so the attendance from our cell was small. Although there's only 4.5 pax from our side (4 adults and 1 kid), we had fun crooning to all kinds of tunes and making a fool of ourselves occasionally. It was a cozy setting where we had a good time fellowshipping and listening to each other's beautiful vocals at the same time.

Very accurately-timed synchronised pose in this supposedly impromtu shot

Say cheese...

The cozy group

Peanut for you?

Posers wannabe...

Why so formal looking?

That's more like it man!

'Twin sisters' of N116

Meredith and Janice...donch we look alike? Kekeke.... :D

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Our dear Joshua is a year older, but also a year wiser! :)

The birthday 'boy'

The Birthday cake...

What's that?

Its a mini cake with a cute blue motorbike toy and a coconut tree on it! :D

Here's only our part 1 celebration for him, there's part 2 coming stay tuned..

Friday, May 1, 2009

Zone Outing at Botanical Gardens

We were off to the Botanical Gardens last Sunday after service for a great time of pinic cum telematch with other cellgroups within the zone. It started with a nice weather and some cool breeze. We also had a great pinic under a nice bamboo tree with delicious food from Botak Jones.

Lovely park, nice weather...

The huge bamboo tree we are sitting under...

and the rustling sound of bamboo tree leaves in the background...

Our yummy food from Botak Jones!

Enjoying the pinic...

The sleeping 'prince' (don't know why he's smiling to himself in sleep...)

What a nice environment and weather right? But then things took a turn suddenly and the sky was filled with dark clouds soon. We were getting ready to start our captain's ball when the rain started pouring, so we have no choice but to hurry and seek shelter at a pavillion. We didn't get to play any outdoor games because of this heavy and enduring rain, but we did however get to play an indoor 'telematch', praise God for creative response!

One of the games we played is a theme based one that can start with something like 'the smallest, the biggest or the fastest' and each cellgroup must anticipate what the challenge is and send a representative they think can fulfill it. The challenge is then being revealed after that, such as the smallest feet size, so the representative that has the smallest feet size wins. We won one of the rounds on 'the biggest' theme and guess who we sent? Of course none other than our tallest, hunkiest brother Gavriil! We place our stakes right because the challenge turned out to be 'the biggest biceps', which Gavriil won hands down...and without much effort. :)

Another round we won is with the theme 'the fastest' and so we sent our dear Joy to compete because we thought it's going to be the fastest sms. It turned out to be 'the fastest person to finish drinking a packet drink'! Joy was so 'zai' in this round, check out the cool video below:

Next we played charade, where we won two rounds. Check out a cute video of michele below acting out the phrase in which guessed correctly.

We also played a game where each team has to translate the word 'goodbye' and the team with the most number of translations in different languages wins.

Wrecking our brains to think of saying 'goodbye' in foreign languages.

Our work-in-progress...

Perhaps it's God's will for us that it rained because in the end our cellgroup won the 'indoor telematch'! :P And here's what we got for our prize:

Five $10 vouchers from Ben & Jerry's! Hallelujah!

Ultimately, the most important thing is that everyone had fun despite the heavy rain and we did not let it dampened our spirits. Indeed, we have all obeyed the verse "This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118:24)

N116 group photo...with someone trying to make a funny face :P

The kids had fun too.

Who are they 'bio-ing'?

The loving couple of N116 - Daniel & Shaoqing