Friday, June 20, 2008

This is an amazing video from Godtube

Incredible video about the relationship between a father and son.... and God's relationship with us.


Logan, the Sky Angel Cowboy

God can use anyone...

A remarkable phone call from a 12-yr old boy to Houston radio station KSBJ FM 89.3.

It touched thousands lives, hope it will touch yours too.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trip to Kota Tinggi

Last Saturday, a group of 19 adults and 3 kids went on a day trip to Kota Tinggi, Malaysia. This trip was initiated by Gil, but the idea came from "mommy Cindy".

Here is our itinerary of the day....

06.50am:- Assembled at Simei MRT Station.

Teacher Gil, our stand-in tour guide, briefing us about the trip.

"I'm cool..."

It may be very early, but everyone is very excited about the trip.

But wait!.... What's that at the back row????

A pair of legs elevated in the mid air...??!!?

It remained there all the way to the Singapore custom.

09.30am:-Malaysia custom

Even after we crossed the Malaysia custom and changed bus, the legs are still sighted at the back row...
*Daniel admiring his Bride-to-be, ShaoQing.

This is our Malaysian tour guide, Ms Ong. She has been very friendly and always trying her best to accommodate our request throughout the trip.

After getting past the Malaysian custom, the cards are out and the players gathered.

Angeline led them in a series of card games, everyone (except the pair of legs) had fun...

11.30am:- Fruit Farm

We first listened to how they harvest and made the honey.

Next, we visited the fruit farm shop. We didn't go for the guided tour around the farm but stayed in the shop to buy fruits.

Taru: "Durian is my favorite... "

I've never met a Caucasian who likes durian, but Taru loves durian.

Soon she was holding a big tub of durian slurping away.

Cindy: "Shall we buy one more basket of durian?"

Cindy and gang lost the game earlier, so their forfeit was to treat everyone with durian. Which she is very happy to do so.

Everyone enjoyed the fruit feast, the durian is exceptionally sweet, and the 2 big tub only cost RM$70. All thanks to Cindy and gang.

After the fruit feast, Amanda is finally awake and looking for people to play with. But by this time, everyone is getting sleepy and tired, some are trying to nap.

She took over the mic from the tour guide and started to play games and tell "Cold jokes".

12.30pm:- Lobster Town
Its a small town with many lobster restaurants in it.

"We want this Lobster!!!"

Although the lobster is smaller than those they pointed to, but it tasted very good. The other dishes are just as well cooked. No wonder it has so many pictures of celebrities dinning there.

After lunch, its free and easy time to walk around town and buy some local products.

2.00pm:- Ostrich Farm

Come visit the website: Ostrich Showfarm

It takes about a year before the Ostrich are "harvested" for meat.

"Hello tourist!!!"

Nick was the first to try ridding on the Ostrich...

Followed by Isabel

Ally was reluctant but she didn't want to lose out.

We bought dry corns for RM$1 to feed the Ostrich.

They were telling me that the birds chases people in red T-shirt, I think they were making fun of me but I'll still keep my distance.

This "Elvis" Chicken can do tricks. The keeper told him to stay still, and he did. Stayed in that position until it got a tap from him again.

Can you hear the chick?

After seeing how they grow them, we went to see how they grill them. They made into satay meat. Its very tender, very juicy.

4.00pm:- Kota Kinggi

Next we were driven to the biggest shopping complex there. It may not be fantastic like those in big cities, but it still has a lot to offer.

Angeline was the one who started the hair washing trend. The rest of us saw her with fresh smelling hair, our scalps started to feel itchy too... soon most of them are in the saloon getting a wash & cut for RM$17

Even the kids got a hair cut too.

07.00pm:- Seafood Restaurant
Next, we were brought to an air-conditioned seafood restaurant. but we were warned that it could be a long wait because of the over crowding.

Amanda calling for the waiter to find out why our food take so long to be served.

Here is Judy, who has just joined our cell group.

Group Photo
The tour guide kept telling us to smile, we were rather tired, so this is the best we can managed.

The food finally came after about half an hour wait, we all attacked it without much hesitation. In less than 10 minute, we finished everything on the table!

8.15pm:- Jetty (Fire Flies)

It was a short walk to the jetty where we waited for our turn to get on the boat. We were told that the dark river is called Straits of Johor, it is also where the fire flies are.

Safety first!
It is an requirement for all of us to put on the life jacket. You can see from here that we were all geared up for the boat ride.

The boat can take about 40 person per trip.

Everyone enjoying the breeze in the boat, which is surprisingly stable. Here we also get to enjoy the moon and the stars....

Soooooo Romantic....

This is the Firefly, its smaller than I expected. But when they glittered together, it looks like early Christmas.

This video you may not be able to see much, just occasional blinks of fire flies lights, but more importantly is what you'll hear. The excitement of everyone on board ( especially Yubing) when we were all trying to catch the firefly.

When our boat went under a bridge, the boatman shone his powerful torch towards the top and we were shocked to see hundreds of sparrows nesting there. I was sort of relieve that it's not bats, but the sight still makes my skin crawl.

Joyce got the special prize from the boat trip, bird droppings.

11.45pm:- Tuas Check Point
Everyone is tired, but all will agreed that its a day well enjoyed.
And many of us are already urging Cindy to plan for our next cell group trip. This time will be a overnight Kelong stay.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do you know...

Do you know that you can check your tithe and donations history, pledges online?

Go to: CHC Donations Portal

and register an account with the NEW: Donation Portal Registration

All you need is the email address, your NRIC no., your mobile no., and your date of birth.

It's that simple!

At the portal, you can make your donations online too!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Its Gil's birthday...!!!

The young inspiring self motivated teacher in training celebrated her birthday with cheers and claps from near 30 cell members packed in the house.

Angeline and YuBing gave words of encouragements and edification to her.

Gil was previously from a youth cell group, but ever since she started working, she requested to be transferred to an adult cell group.

She found us to be a bunch of dynamic working hippies and youthful old folks, and decided to stay on with us.

Earlier, she shared her testimony of how God has blessed her to have good grades of 3-As and 4-Bs in her study in NIE degree course. This confirmed to let her to have a Honors in the degree course. Praise the Lord!!!

After her study, she will go on to be a full pledged teacher, grooming fresh young minds to be the leaders of the future.

This is the Cultural Mandate.