Sunday, June 8, 2008

Its Gil's birthday...!!!

The young inspiring self motivated teacher in training celebrated her birthday with cheers and claps from near 30 cell members packed in the house.

Angeline and YuBing gave words of encouragements and edification to her.

Gil was previously from a youth cell group, but ever since she started working, she requested to be transferred to an adult cell group.

She found us to be a bunch of dynamic working hippies and youthful old folks, and decided to stay on with us.

Earlier, she shared her testimony of how God has blessed her to have good grades of 3-As and 4-Bs in her study in NIE degree course. This confirmed to let her to have a Honors in the degree course. Praise the Lord!!!

After her study, she will go on to be a full pledged teacher, grooming fresh young minds to be the leaders of the future.

This is the Cultural Mandate.

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