Saturday, March 26, 2011

Farewell Mandy

22 is a special number, at least for someone.

There are 22 reasons why we like you, Mandy. Here's why. She...

1. Does the right thing at the wrong time.
2. Looks great with dress.
3. Entertains us with our silly jokes.
4. Has a great voice & a loud voice too.
5. Is committed to the vision of the church.
6. Never give up on her study, even though we almost given up on her.
7. Fills the atmosphere with laughter whenever she is around.
8. Is frank on her mind, sincere in her heart.
9. Has make God real in her testimony.
10. Makes song sheet. No song sheet for us, so no praise & worship
11. Has make this word 'Silence' disappear in our dictionary when she is around.
12. Is good in public speaking & expressing herself.
13. Grooms well & dress in style.
14. Can blink her eyes rapidly.
15. Has big heart & big actions.
16. Keeps saying 'Shifu... Shifu..' to Chee Foo. Though irritating at times, he likes.
17. Looks good on stage. Can see your face big big on screen.
18. Is full of patterns when take photos.
19. Fits into SDU. Someone once said SDU stands for 'Single, Desperate & Ugly'. But she is 'Single, Desirable & Unattached'
20. Is a great car companion.
21. Is over zealous @ work. If only she can be more zealous in CG.
22. Makes Lo Yu Sheng incomplete next year onwards.