Saturday, January 30, 2010

Service to the Cell-group

Cell concluded with the distribution of duties for each member. It was quite  a nervous time as each person opened the "ang-pao" with designations that had to be explained by Chee Foo. Laughter reighned for much of the time.

Birthday Coordinators - Daniel, Jennifer, Joshua, Joy, Meredith
They will be doing what Jennifer has been doing all alone. Kudos to a great bunch of people who will certainly do a great job.

Song Writer - Amanda
She has been and will be printing the song-sheets which we use each week.

Chief Finance Officer - SQ, Cheng Yan
They will be in charge of collecting and disbursing the fund, and sending gentle reminders.

Housekeeper - Betty, David, Francis, Jeong, Phoebe
The mighty five make the house owner happy by cleaning the house after the meeting. No more song sheets, litter or bones on the floor and dinner table.

Atmosphere Builder - Madeline, Mr Lim, Sally
These will be in charge of getting soft music in the background and getting the physical setting conducive for cell.

Adventurer - Amanda, Daniel, Richard
They will aim to organize more outings for us.

Food Hunter - Amelia, Angela, Madeline
These will scout out the best places for us to sup after service. To many scrumptious locations. May God grant increase to their tribe.

Cheer Leader - Joshua, Meredith
They will welcome and warm up the newcomers to our fellowship.

Star Blogger - Cindy Chia, Gregory
(Here Gregory takes a bow with his first post.)

Paparazzi - Gregory, Joshua
Don't be surprised if somewhere, sometime... someone comes up to you and says ..."Smile for the camera"...or just takes a candid shot. Grin

Intercessor - Camelia, Eileen, Jenice
They will be coordinating and updating the prayer list. Please share your needs with them and update them when prayers are answered.

DHL - Cindy Yeo, Joyce
If we need to travel to any food paradise or promise land, the DHL will allocate you to the right car.
Cake Cutter - Dorothy, Violet
They'll make sure that all get a piece ( and no one gets sad that theirs was smaller... or bigger... grin)

Cell refreshments and "choping" seats for each week's service will be done by connect groups.
Shaoqing - Jan, Feb, June, Oct
Joshua - Mar, July, Nov
Jennifer - April, Aug, Dec
Daniel - May, Sept

Let's give all these helpers a round of applause!