Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Hangout

We were hanging out at The Hangout as a zone. It has an unusual setting compared to board games cafe like settlers and mind cafe. Let's see..
Say "Cheers!"
Jiahui's cell group

We started off with a game of icebreaker.

"Who are the survivors?"
"Me ! Me ! Me!"

Joshua and Jeong in the same team.
Jeong doing a "Saturday Afternoon Fever"

Joshua got "shot" in the icebreaker

The team competition started.
The zone was divided into teams and each team has to complete certain tasks in each station.

Chee Foo illustrating the rules of the wii game

Wii competition started.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

ET Sports Day

It was a raining season. But God is good. Weather at Botanic garden was simply fantastic. God has once again did a miracle. Weathe was cooling. Looks like we are all ready for ET adults sports day.

Gathering the crowd.
"1 dollar, 1 dollar.... Who wants to buy ?"
Art of balancing banana using your face!
Bang ! Telematch starts.

Pamper your face with organic products - green beans.

Jump together and see how many green beans left on your face

Blow a balloon and walk.

"How come the sky is yellow in color ?"

See who can eat bananas the fastest.

Next game. It's all time favorite - Captain Ball.
Chee Foo is the referee.

"Quick! Give me the ball."
Hmm... similiar pose.

New game - Dough Ball
See who runs the faster, gets the ball.
Now we know Julia and Jenice can run.
Suave, decisive, swift...
That's our Daniel !!
Happy but legs are tired.