Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Combined Cellgroup Week

We had a combined cell group meeting with N149 at Cheng Yan's house last week. It was the second combined meeting for N149 and N116, but this time it was special because both cellgroup leaders are present! The reason for a combined cell was because Sister Jiahui had to come later due to work committment. Our dear CF, albeit feeling being a bit nervous in the presence of a senior cell leader, preached on a great topic on how to improve communication and the interesting COMET model. Perhaps one more thing we can learn from CF is how to conceal nervousness because there just isn't any trace of it at all! :P

Anyway back to the COMET model, we tend to fall into one of these categories when talking to someone:

C - Cliche superficial conversation (e.g. talk about weather, stock market, news > this is the 1st level talk.)
O - Reporting facts from others (e.g. Jane told me we should not attend the workshop > we reach 2nd level when we start reporting facts from others, while holding back on our own ideas.)
M - My ideas and judgement (e.g. I think the male speaker is bad > 3rd level is when we start discussing our opinions on a matter or person.)
E - My emotions and feelings (e.g. I was so upset about the office politics > 4th level is when we start sharing our feelings about events in our lives.)
T - Total, truthful, open communication between 2 parties > the 5th and highest level of communication, where we have no-holds barred conversations and sharing our deepest thoughts, feelings or even darkest secrets with the other party.)

Real communication starts from level 3 onwards, so we are encouraged to move up the scale and start building deeper relationships with others, especially with our loved ones and close friends in our social circles.

After that, we celebrated birthdays for 3 person and they are none other than Mr. Lim, Dorin and Taru! :)

More Pics...

Ohh and by the way, we started cellgroup by playing the 'Forest, Hunter, Squirrel' game and we had some people who didn't make it. Below is the video clip on the forfeit where the forfeiters had to do a catwalk and pose. (P/S: Sorry about the beginning part, the cameralady didn't realise that she was holding the camera vertically until abit later.) Enjoy the video! :D

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