Friday, February 6, 2009

CNY gathering

The Chinese New Year would not be complete without a visit to relatives and friends to exchange blessings and to catch up on the past one year.

For the single, young individuals, working or not, would be the chance for extra "bonuses" with the collecting of Ang Baos or Red Packets.

Red packet is also known as 压岁钱 , red is considered as a auspicious color and in the Chinese culture, red is also associated with luck and happiness. In olden days, elders in the family would give the children money wrapped in red paper (which evolves to the red envelopes with colorful and beautiful prints that we see now) as a form of blessing. may be wondering why I am going into the details..

well, last sunday, Zhifu and his wife "opened" their lovely home in Jurong for the members to gather and have a time of gathering and fellowship.

The young, and the younger ones, some n116 alumni members gathered after service to make our way to his place, we were greeted with lots of yummy food prepared by Zhifu and Daniel chef.

Yummy homemade fare by Daniel & CF's mum! (Chicken wings, hotdogs, prawns, fried rice, bee hoon, kong bah pau, yam paste, green bean soup...)

After a time of food, chatting, Kungfu Panda, boxing (in Wii), we had more chatting and some of the younger ones retreated into one of the spare rooms for a game of UNO, while the young ones had a good time catching up.

Wii Boxing - Joy VS. Michele (great workout!)

I must say, that it is by far the longest time, we spent on per round of UNO. But it was lots of fun and laughter.

It was certainly a week-end well spent!

.::Nanny Joy ::.

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