Tuesday, April 29, 2008

F1 Racing

Last Saturday, 26/04/08, was a day of outing for the adult in the ET Zone.
Its a time for the adults in the zone to get together and mingle mingle...

The "management" took much time and effort to plan this massive game.

Some of us come prepared for all sorts of situation.

We have a "Movie Star" among us.

The F1 racer "Models".

You can see the determination to win on Cindy's face.

Mingling before the race

First stop was to the Smelly Bean Curd Shop where they sell the specially fermented pieces of tofu and then deep fried it.
When we reached there, the smell tells us it is the right store.
Some of us couldn't even stand near the store, but I like it.

Because there was a sudden increase in demand, we had to wait for the tofu to be fried, that's why it so hot to eat.

The next stop was at Old Airport Road hawker store, where we are to buy a buy a bowl of Ice Kacang and decorate it with sweets and tidbits which we bought earlier and finish eating it fast.

Some of us bought chewing sweets and Fisherman's Friend... no way we can swallow these in a mouthful.

This is the next clue that was given, Aden figured without looking at it. All it took was to tell him its somewhere in East Coast Park.

Before heading to the next checkpoint, we were told to buy durian and bring it along.

This is the second last station, we have to "Fight" with the other teams to get to the clue at the top of the tower.

At the end point, every team brought out their own durain comparing sizes and prices.

This is the infamous $70 Durian from Amanda's team. How dos it taste?

It's time to find out...

You can see the joy in Joy when she is eating the $70 durian. So, do you think it tasted good?

F1 Racers and Chee Foo

Daniel giving a good report about the goodness of God in his life.

Amanda's team got the "Unity Award"

Daniel Cheah's got the Runner-up prize

This is the winner of the F1 Race
For more photos, visit the ETZone album

-Joy ;)