Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fear Factor 之 Facing the needles (Rating to be advised)

*WARNING*: Below contains graphic images. Any adverse consequences such as dizziness, naseousness and hyperventilation shall be bear by the reader alone.

Are you afraid of needles?
Are you afraid of blood?
Then ALL the more you should conquer your fears!

By donating your blood!

Give blood, save lives!~

Shepherd Zhifu leads the way.

Look at his smile, the saying that it's a mosquito's bite is true~

Filling up the necessary forms that you are not a HIV carrier, have not contracted chickenpox in the last 12 months and mostly importantly, have faint not after running through such detailed information before even going into the donation room. HAHA!

Yubing getting ready to donate her blood!

Eh, Benny was nowhere in the room with Yubing and Zhifu.

But anyway,the way to fill up the blood bag is to keep squeezing the ball that they gave you.

Less than 15 minutes and you are ready to package your blood on the way to save some lives!

The bravehearts of N116. *Cheesze* Don't they still look rosy after donation?

And Benny finally came back and informed us that he had donated a big bag of blood despite his lanky frame.

Very healthy indeed!

(Chickenpox carrier since March = No donation of blood for me)

And I can only lend my smile and camera to take hold of these wonderous moments. HOHO~

See you next time for the next blood donation drive!!!

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