Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Multiplication Night Part 2

Being N116-ers, we have a strong culture of fellowship simply because we enjoy one another's presence and companionship.

So you think we will just adjorn to our homes afterwards and cry?


We continue to make merry and eat and laugh our hearts out even after cell group ended way into late night...
.... @ Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe!

Don't get me wrong, not that we are not sad that we are going to be in separate cell groups soon, but we want to treasure every moment we have.

There were 12(Zhifu, Daniel Cheah, Benny, Gabriel, Amanda, Sky, Madeline, Yubing, Dorin, Belinda,Jennifer and me) of us. Like the Last Supper.
Shepherd Zhifu jokingly told us he'll wash our feets afterwards.
The ladies sat together and the men sat at another table.
Seeing this table so empty and long, the ladies decided to fill it up.
And so we ordered..
and ordered...
and ordered...
and ordered...

and ordered somemore!

and we just won't stop ordering...

like we have starved for 3 days..

which of course is not the case! We just ate 3 sets of regular pizza during refreshment time!~

So much food that even the men sat in amazement when they saw our food arrived..

and the ladies topped it up with drinks too...

What's a meal without desserts too?
Sorry, keeping a lady's composure was not the protocol that night. We were the noisest people in the cafe that night. Especially and perhaps only from the ladies' table.
We talked and we joked and we laughed SO SO loud during our nearly 2 hours plus of fellowship that I guessed had we not ordered such an abundant of food, we would have been thrown out.

And finally our ice cream came...
We took a nice picture with it..
And then the mischievous bunch of us decide to play with the ice cream..
We decided to do some distortion trick.. See the above picture, it's as if you are so close to the moon but in actual fact you are not..

And I seemed to be having the ice cream in my mouth but not...
I decided not to post what Jennifer and Dorin did to Yubing with their fingers and chopsticks. Afterall, Yubing is still *hems* single and available... Anybody wants to see the pictures, can come find me.. wahahha!
To Yubing: Now you know what to do right? HAHA~

See, our ice cream is still so sturdy even after playing and laughing hysterically for nearly 10 minutes..
And because the night is late and we have laughed and ate merrily...We called it a day.
I got to say, indeed being in N116 was an very enjoyable experience durin these 2 years. From young to the old, we bonded very well and we can click with everyone. And though we are going to be in separate cell groups soon, some of us have already scheduled trips and outings together.These 2 years have bonded us and caused us to be closer than we first expected. We may be at different locations but I believe our hearts will be together.
God is good!

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  1. i old already, can't hang out late until the wee hours of the morning anymore, let alone until dawn :p