Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sentosa Zone Outing - We are the Red Soldiers!!!

Family Day : 8 Sep 2007

And so ET adult zone had a fun-filled time at Sentosa Siloso beach where we last held our N116 cg outing. We dressed ourselves red to scare the 'enemies' off! We were the only one with dress code and this is one of our strategies to score points.

And the weather was fantastic despite rain in the morning. God is good!

We once again come to this place and had a spirit of winning!

And we prepared ourselves, laid our belongings, our food and of course ourselves comfortably on the tablecloth mats that Zhifu brought along.

1st game: Human Bingo

$400 is ours to grab!!!!

Sister Jiahui(Brother Edmund's wife) giving instructions for the first game...

Yubing being very enthu cos her name is Yubing and she is determined to win Bingo! Hahaha..And indeed, she won a bag of tidbits with the fastest people to submit!!!

Gabriel frantically trying to find someone with a match.
The game ended quite quickly and we managed to mingle with people whom we met for the first time.

2nd game: Sandcastle Building

And so this 2nd game is the most anticipated one. We were very confident but upon arriving...
We saw.......

Other groups' barang!!! So exaggerating.. They bring all sorts of things, even photos to build their sandcastles!!!

N116 is as usual, cool and calm. We just sat there, waiting for the rest to come. Daniel and family came on time with their sandcastle building equipment just as we were about to start.

And look who's plotting against us??Ex-N116 member: Phil!

Daniel in control.

And so we got down to work as soon as the whistle went off! Daniel and gang were very garang, with the bag of equipment they brought, we quickly built our castle. We decide the way to win is to go up higher. So we decided to build a solid foundation for our castle and built a very solid and high sand base.

We felt as if we were going back to our childhood again!

Dorin expertly pressing on patterns for the castle.

No matter what age we are, all of us got down to our feet and team-worked together.
The young girl alike.

The young boy.

And Zhifu .. Giving moral support! hahahaah...

After nearly an hour, all of the 6 teams completed the sandcastles. And we got to give a 2 minutes worth of introduction to our concept and to link it to the theme given: Fairytale.

Look at the N116 sandcastle. Isn't it beautiful? And Gabriel tickling the crowd with his 'speech' to our labour of work.

And the quality of the sandcastles were VERY HIGH! Indeed a spirit of excellence is in the ET zone to outwit and outdo one another. The outcome of each castle made each one gasped with suprise and delight.
Here are some of the works:

Even a very pro-PAP theme one...
And this is the winning castle!!!! A lot of tourists were actually taking pictures of the each various sandcastle especially this one. Wow.. The creativity of God's people..

3rd game: Telematch

And so we went on to the next game...

Zhifu giving instructions.

To go to the other end, we were expected to wear a shower cap and a plastic tablecloth and carry a water-soaked sponge, go to the next hurdle to press the water into a mineral bottle and turn 4 rounds. And then we were to run dizzily to the next stage to blow a ping-pong ball in flour. Next on, we then need to hold an orange between our legs to the next hurdle. Upon the team's completion, we need to pass a watermelon in between our legs in the sea and smash it to eat it.

And this is what we kana as the wind direction was blowing in the opposite direction!!

We got to eat this and we all ate a bit of sand in between our gums and teeth. But we don't care.

It's a quest to win! And we finished in 2nd. Hooray!~

3rd game: Water Bomb!

And so the finale!! Armaggedon Water Bomb.

And we busied ourselves to fill all the bags given. We 'stole' other group's cardboxes to contain all our ammunition.

Game starts!!!

Everyone was busy bombing each other. And Yubing is wet with her pink target on her back which is supposed to stay dry!!

This water bomb got all of the cell groups excited. All of us participated and bombed each other with a fervor that alot of onlookers came and observed us. The atmosphere was simply great!
Armaggedon ended very fast! Before we knew it, all of us were wet.

And the results: We were supposed to be 3rd in place. BUT>>> We did a very childish thing that got us into other cgs throwing water bombs at us after the whole thing ended.


The scene was quite hilarious as other cgs vehemently bombed us.. hahahah.. And we don't care.
Oh well.


And so time passed quickly when you have fun.

The beautiful Siloso Beach sunset view.
We all ended our day with our fav activity: EAT.

See how Yubing is excited.

And so...For those of you who missed this outing, this is just 20% of the fun we presented.
Moral of the story: Must join next outing! Muahah...

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