Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Special

It was a special Christmas Cell Group Meeting before the Christmas Weekend. We have lots of friends that came and join us in the celebration. Altogether, we had an attendance of 35 members and friends. What a breakthrough!

Our beautiful friends from Philippine joined us for a good time

As Christmas is also about loving and giving, the cell members did a gift exchange.

Sienny receiving her first christmas gift from xanthe...

Yu Bing got her gift from Cing....

Sky was moved to receive her gift

Can you guess how many children here?

"I really love your hair"

"Huh....did i wrap the wrong present"???

Sisterly love...

"I wonder what I'm getting..."

"I got Boxer shorts!!!!!"

Cindy examining the present she received from Gabriel.

Violet waiting patiently for the giver to finish talking about her.

Mr. Lim got a very elegant pen.

"Belinda, listen to me, you so skinny, must eat more..."

It was a time of sharing, a time of giving, everyone received a gift, including our guests.

They were so happy, they did the dance of joy.

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