Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Night

Its Thanksgiving Night, Our Cell Leader would like to show his appreciation for the effort we put in to grow this cell group.

We started with the "Monkey Dance"...

Ha ha... Nnnooooo.... its just the ice-breaker game, the forfeit is to do either the notorious Banana Dance or this new Monkey Dance.

Our Cell Leader would like to appreciate some of the members for their effort and also encourage them to continue being the best of themselves. He specially prepared a few awards with their names engraved into it, presented it to them during this night.

For the person who has been most generous to the people, they give because they love... and they love giving because they love people.

Most Generous Award - Dorin & Daniel Cheah

See how happy they are? Chinese saying "Smile till see teeth can't see eyes"

For the person who sacrificed the most, doing the best for the rest... even if it means sacrificing sleep, rest and financially.

Most Sacrificial Award - Daniel Ang

Humble but not timid, Daniel Ang has been in our cell group for years, he personally designs and bakes a cake for every member's birthday

This award is for the person who is most faithful to the little details, taking time and care to ensure that others are taken care of. Booking seats for members and new friends make sure they are comfortable during the service.

Most Faithful Award - Cindy Yeo

Cindy: "Every year get award... my shelve got no more space for awards liao lor"

This award is for the person who has shown most progress in personality, character and spiritual life, hungrily going thru lessons after lessons of Bible Study.

Most Progressive Award - Eileen Tan

Eileen: "I'm so encouraged..."


The rest of us got a different gift appreciation, Chee Foo presented personally to each and every one.



Michael Chua

Xanthe Chua






Yu Bing





We also celebrated Johnny's Birthday.


The Beautiful Ibarrola Family

There will be no Cell Group Meeting on the first week of Jan 08

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