Friday, March 14, 2008

New Ministries

Our cell group has grown... yesterday was one of those record attendance night with 32 members worshiping together under one roof. I heard in some part of the world, such attendance could be considered as a big church!
If so... we'll need to have ministries to run it...

But please note that all ministry listed below are run solely on voluntary basis, no refund of time, money or whatsoever.....

Cell Group Leader (Available 24/7)
The Shepard, The Preacher, The Pastor, The Chief...(the list will go on and on...)

Chief Financial Officers
aka The Steward
They handle God's money and make sure its put in the best use.

Birthday Coordinator Ministry
Shopping Ministry
(handbag, shirt, books, CDs, vouchers, accessories.....please send your hint to them in advance!)

Song sheet ministry
Game Master

Thermostat Ministry
Atmosphere builders
They are responsible for the ambiance (room temperature, background music, lighting....etc) before and after the cell Group meeting

Candid Shot Ministry
(Beware of the eye that is watching and clicking)

Servants of God
Environment Officer

Serves the members and keep the house clean and tidy after the meetings

Prayer List Ministry
Prayer Warriors.
They are faithful to ask prayer requests from members and

Outing Planners
Fellowship I/C
BBQ, Picnic by the park, cycling trip, dinner gathering.....please sms or email them y
our suggestions

Phone List Ministry
They will have the most updated contact list of every member in the cell group. Keeping everyone contactable.

Blogger Ministry
For the mature, sensible, responsible and with a good sense of humor.

Reaching out to people through the cyber world

Chef Chiefs
Feed The Hungry Ministry

Cake Maker
Putting in effort to remember everyone's birthday, ensuring each has a unique birthday cake that is specially for him / her

Cushion ministry
They not just lay down their life for Jesus but they also help to lay the cushions before the meeting starts.

Early Bird Ministry
Without them, we will not be able to worship together as a cell on every Sunday. They use items like umbrella, bags, bibles....and sometimes their body to reserve as many seats. Three cheers to this team of faithful servants!

Greeters Ministry
They are like the morning Sun that bring happiness to everyone and beware of their contagious SMILE.

Specially Appointed:
Cake Cutting Ministry
See the skillful way she tilts her body? Helps to cut straight and accurately. She also got to exercise some mental calculation when dividing the cake.

For example,
to divide a 1.5kg cake equally to 32 member....
1500/32 = 46.875g

Each Member will receive a piece of cake that weighs 46.875g

This is the special "I-Have-No Ministry"

I think she can form the Sisterhood Ministry

Let us all serve God with all our heart and mind.



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  3. We need some super shots taken with a digital SLR in our cell group meetings. The colors, clarity and sharpness of the photos are unbeatable :D