Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Durian Season

I wonder on which day God made the durian...

God has a very good sense of humor and creativity...

He made durian one of the ugliest and smelliest fruit in the world but yet its the best tasting one ever... commonly known by the Caucasians that its "Smells like hell but tastes like heaven"

Its either you like it or you don't.

Durian has been made into many products...

Durian puffs stuffed with exquisite durian flesh retaining the original taste of durian.

Durian can be made into dried chips sold to far away countries.

Or blend into smooth puddings chilled for the hot weather.

Southeast Asian folk beliefs, as well as traditional Chinese medicine, consider the durian fruit to have warming properties liable to cause excessive sweating. The traditional method to counteract this is to pour water into the empty shell of the fruit after the pulp has been consumed and drink it. An alternative method is to eat the durian in accompaniment with mangesteen, which is considered to have cooling properties. People with high blood pressure or pregnant women are traditionally advised not to consume durian.

But how do you choose a right durian? Seriously... I rather choose the right durian seller.

I've seen forums telling people to keep away from certain durian stall opp Geylang Lor 11. Their hard sell tactics give you no time to react and you'll be forced to spend $200 on just a few durians, just like our recent F1 race, one of the race's requirement is to bring back a durian. One of the member brought back a $75 durian.

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  1. 猫山王。i only like sweet durians. i don't really fancy bitter ones. Speaking of which, i haven't had any durian for a very long time already, even though it's durian peak season now.