Friday, August 1, 2008

CG 31/07/08

Cell group games are always fun. But sometimes watching a forfeit is even more fun. Last week, When Chee Foo's team lost the game, he announced: "No forfeit" But this week he cannot escape again.

A little surprise tonight was that Chee Foo announced the winner of "Best Connect Group Leader" of the month. 2 was nominated... Cindy Mommy and YuBing.

And the winner goes to.....


Chee Foo mentioned that her group has done a lot together, they would try as much as they can, pray together on every Wednesday, they even fasted together... What a team spirit ya?

YuBing denying it to be her own effort, has given the credit to all her wonderful members for doing their part. She also thinks that Cindy Mommy deserves the award too.

Her future plan is to get to know all her members and have stronger bond with them. They had plans to exercise together too.

Her view is "When you get to know someone better, things can be done easier..."

All the best Yubing.

Its our beloved Joyce's birthday!!!

The beautiful Joyce has always been quiet but strong type. Unknowingly, she has been a pillar in our cell group, a big sister to many of us.

We wish her a wonderful year ahead.

Madeline, one of her very good friend saying words of encouragements to our Birthday Girl.

Amanda with her "First time I saw you" speech.

Belinda playfully snatching the gift from her

Looking at her expression, I'd say our "Shopping Specialist" has once again bought the right gift.

Taru is leaving...

Well.. she's just going back to her homeland in Finland for a month. To show our appreciation, we have prepared a small gift as a token to show that we love her and would be missing her.

"We Love you Taru!!!"


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