Monday, October 6, 2008

Maad Market Outing

We headed to Maxwell market for lunch after service on Sunday and dropped by the Red Dot Museum thereafter to visit Michele who had a stall selling her own handmade jewellery at the Maad Market Bazaar. This is a bazaar that showcase local designers and their handicraft and is held during the first weekend of every month at Red Dot Museum. Michele had a very strategic location, we can see her well laid-out stall and all her beautiful jewellery the moment we enter the building. 

All the pretty stuff: Charm bracelets, earrings, necklaces etc

This entrepreneurial gal had been selling handmade jewellery on her blog for some time and take part in bazaars occasionally to market her wares. The impressive thing is that her jewellery making skills are all that's what we call a God given talent! Do visit her blog at

Michele posing happily at her stall

Inspecting Michele's jewellery with fascination

Group Pic

We adjourned to the nearby Pacific Coffee after that to continue fellowshipping. Thanks Michele, for your graciousness in buying us drinks! We will pray for your business to go girl!

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  1. See the little boy on the right bottom corner? Busy playing his PSP :p