Friday, November 14, 2008

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Long overdue post -- Sorry!! *warning graphic intensive post*
Michael's bday - 9th Oct

While Michael is making wishes, we hear someone laughing..

(hee.. hee.. ha.. ha.. hee... --> sounds familiar ? )

"Amanda, you go stand one corner."

And she did. (She's still laughing)

"We'll have someone to say something special to you..."

"But..Sorry it's not Grace.."

Amanda's classic: "Mike, The 1st time I saw you.....I thought you were..."
Amanda reveals her heartfelt thoughts about Mike as she slowly got to knew him, and her heartfelt thanks for always so willing to send her and the rest home to the east area after cell group after a long day.

The gift to Mike - A wallet

Meredith's Bday - 6 Nov

Jen gathered everyone for a game during fellowship, and she got everyone to put down their cups, plates and spoon and tissue and food...except for one who's still munching

Here goes, the game of passing messages.

P.S. I Love you.

The message MUST be passed accurately.

Dith wonders what declaration she has to make coz she's the last person in the line.

"Tomorrow is my birthday!!!"
Lights off.
Birthday song.
"God is blessing you now!!!!!!"
And the cake is brought to her..Yummy chocolate cheese cake from Daniel.

"In n116, we have a 'tradition' of having someone to say something encouraging to the birthday person and this person is none other than Benny!!!"


"It's me?!?!?!?!?"

The other person was supposed to be Michele, but she couldn't make it for the cg, Jennifer reads out the "love letter" from Michele

Meredith says it's her 1st time celebrating her birthday with her cell grp and so it was her 1st time having so many people singing the birthday song to her..

So Dorothy sang the birthday song to her once again...;)
before we presented the gifts to her

Cake Cutter hard at work.
This is the new person who has to do the mental calculation to make sure everyone has a piece of cake.

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