Friday, December 5, 2008

Amanda's Green Tea Cake

Unknown to many people, Amanda really likes green tea cake.

Many many weeks before her birthday (which falls on the 21st of Nov), she told me that she wanted a green tea cake for her birthday.

Much to her surprise, Green Tea cake on 21st Nov --- SOLD OUT.

She got a mango cake instead.

On 4th Dec, after cg, we brought out this cake:

Most of us couldn't figure out who this was for, including myself.

You see, Daniel would always put the birthday person's name on the cake. On this day, the words went all over the place.

Amanda went "who's birthday ah? who's birthday ah?" - The usual excited amanda way.

And so, we celebrated amanda's birthday..round 2..

Mr Lim gives amanda a surprise gift..

Daniel gives instructions on "How to cut a cake" and tells her where her name is..

Happy amanda gets to eat her green tea cake!


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  1. Why do you call the chocolate cake a green tea cake? :p