Sunday, March 15, 2009

Virtual Makeover Site

Here's a great website for all the ladies. Its a fantastic virtual makeover site where you can upload your pictures, do a DIY digital makeover and see a realistic beautiful transformation of yourself! There's an incredible number of high tech features that allow you to change hairstyle, apply different eyeshadow, lipstick, blusher, concealer, contacts lens and even fake eyelashes! 

Unfortunately, this site is for ladies only. Well guys, you can help your wives or girlfriends with their makeovers, I'm sure they will appreciate that. Buy hey if you are curious how you will look as a crossdresser, now is your chance! :D 

Well really, I think the guys will be impressed by the by the superb technology and the business & marketing components behind this. Ladies will of course have lots of FUN with this site! 

And uhhh...did I mention this site is absolutely free? Sites like these usually come with monthly membership fees and this actually comes free at the moment, so it's a rare find. Now, are you excited to start your makeover? Check it out now at