Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Shao Qing!

Our wonderful sister Shao Qing is not just a loving wife to Mr. Daniel Ang, but also a humble servant of God with 'superwoman' qualities. Besides being dedicated to her children's ministry, she is also serving tirelessly for our cellgroup as our seating coordinator, our cellgroup treasurer, a connect group leader and also helping out with other miscellaneous stuff at times. As our seating coordinator, she has to coordinate attendance and come early to service every week to book seats just so that we all can sit together. Another admirable thing about Shao Qing is that even while she has to juggle her many roles and committments in work, family and church, she never fails to set aside time for God and to build up her spiritual life. She is someone who will go for all the morning prayer meetings and will fast regularly for breakthroughs. Her faith and dedication to God is something that we will take our hats off to.

God's blessing you now....God's blessing you now...

Cute mini birthday cake fit for a sweet lady..

Make a wish....

Birthday speech giver - Meredith

Shao Qing giving a short speech

Robinson's shopping vouchers!

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