Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Richard!

We might think that meeting people of the same birth month with us is a common coincidence, and meeting people of the same birth day and month is a uncommon coincidence. However, meeting someone in the same cell group with the same birthday is a very rare coincidence! As Christians, we believe a coincidence is never by chance but is a God planned thing.

God must be showing his humor by placing two people with the same birthday in our cell group. Our dear Amanda has a new Khaki because 21st November is not just her birthday, but also our brother Richard's birthday!

This is the first time Richard experience the unique N116 birthday celebration because he had just joined our cell group about 2 months ago. Welcome to our family Richard!

Richard and his daughter Rachel

The 2 Birthday speech givers Jennifer and Daniel were blessed by Richard's earlier testimony and complimented him for being an honest and courageous man who is not afraid to own up and take responsibility for a mistake that nobody knew, and how in the end God turned this bad outcome into good.

Richard sharing how he was led by God to City Harvest church after a period of backsliding.

So what's the first N116 Birthday gift to Richard?

2 nice T-shirts! So Richard, must remember to wear them on our sunday services ok?

Lastly, the highlight of the night - Coffee & Chocolate Mousse Cake! Creation of Patisser Daniel, as always.

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