Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Amelia's Water Baptism

28 Mar 2010 was a beautiful and memorable day for someone.
Preparing hearts to get ready for water baptism.
Can you spot Amelia and her daughter, Rachel ?
The heat was on, but yet this had not hinder family and friends from supporting water baptism candidates.
This is our die-hard fans
I had made it !!
Gift #1 : A towel to keep you warm
The Story
The sun reminded us of your sunshine
The lion represents that you have dominion in life
You are as steady as the tortise
Angels are rejoicing today
Your life will flourish as you get planted like the trees,
and you shall drink from the living water.

Artist : Our lovely Wendy & courageous Chee Foo.
With great power, comes with great responsibility.
The celebration starts.
Amelia was to feel and guess 3 items.
If she guessed incorrectly, she would have to say loud loud
"I am so beautiful. I am a child of God !"
What does long bean got to do with water baptism?

Shhh... Kiwi fruit
Wahhh... So salty !!
I am the salt of the earth
I am the light of the world
I am the apple of God's eyes
I have my earthly crown too!
Gift #2 : Flower
Gift #3 : CD
Gift #4 : Noticeboard of wishes

Happy family
and happy spiritual family

Some memorable shots

Amelia, we are so proud of you !

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