Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Chee Foo

Its getting harder and harder to surprise someone for their birthday, especially for one who has planned hundreds of other member's birthday surprises.

So for our beloved CGL's birthday, we planned way ahead... Faking a celebration during the Thurs meeting with a small cake and promise to pass him the present on sunday. Hoping this will divert the attention on Sunday which will be the big one.

We switched off the lights and acted surprise as Yu Bing brought out the cake, and we sang the birthday song as per normal making it as real as possible.

Just for the fun of it, we threathened to throw the cake in his face.

Speech: "You all must be good... blah blah... pray more...blah blah..."


On Sunday, after the service, we continued to act innocent, some of us started to suggest new location for lunch, pretending to go separate ways with Chee Foo.
Oblivious to our conspiracy, Chee Foo was lured to the restuarant by another member thinking its a normal lunch appointment.

Once there, some of us went into hiding while waiting for the rest to arrive. But because we are such a large group, Chee Foo spotted us while he came out of the restuarant to use the loo.

We got no choice but to act as if its an coincidence that we "so happened" to be there. But a good thing is that we hid his wife up in the second floor.

When things are more settled, Xiao Wei came in with the birthday cake and that caught him by surprised.

Daniel Ang made and designed the cake himself, he does that for every member's birthday, never once did he repeat a design. Actually, Chee Foo ever hinted to Daniel Ang that he missed the shepherd pie he had made before. And Daniel Ang did it once again to wow the audience and not forgetting the birthday boy.

Husband and wife.

The surprises continues...

First was the a ZARA shirt... stylo.

Second was a ZARA T-shirt... Lagi - stylo...

Third was a wireless keyboard and mouse which the idea came from his wife...

The fourth surprise was a big fat red packet... a love offering collected among the members.

I wonder what Amanda was trying to tell Chee Foo.


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