Wednesday, August 15, 2007

National Day CGM

Its a day when every Singaporean celebrates...

For members of N116, we had our CGM at Kovan in the late morning. The feeling is very different from the usual night meetings, maybe the thought of having a whole afternoon ahead after the meeting excites us... maybe its because there's the much anticipated NDP in the evening and all the fire works... most important of all is that we all are here to Praise and Worship God Himself.

Its the first time we get to see an "All-Girls" forfeit.

Chee Foo not only preached, but he also wrote notes on everyone. Each one of us gets a portion of anointing with his words of blessings and encouragement... no tissue paper required.

Gabriel and Daniel Ang, whom we are so glad that he's able to join us this day, spoke words of thanks giving to Chee Foo too.

Special highlights for this day is the buffet lunch ordered by the lady of the house.

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