Friday, August 3, 2007

Special Feature

N116 is a vibrant and exciting adult cell group all thanks to a dynamic cell group leader, Mr. Wong Chee Foo, leading for the past 5 years.

Born in 24th August 1976, Chee Foo was brought up by a pair of loving parents, with an elder and a younger sister in company, he grew up with a strong family bond of loving and honoring each other. His father, being a role model of a family man, is a great influence of his character, in addition, when Chee Foo met God, he was further molded into the godly person we all love.

He first came to City Harvest Church in1999.
Young and timid, even too shy to speak to the sisters, he was soon influenced and learn to open up to people in the Cell Group. Soaked in the God's love and all his cell member's care, he grew strongly loving God, soon started serving God in Usher Ministry in 2000.

With great potential and desire to rise up, he soon discovered his destiny to lead in Cell Groups Ministry. In 2002, he took on the challenge to be a Cell Group Leader and since then there has never been a day of regret.

His greatest goal is to see his members grow spiritually and see more leaders rise up as the cell group multiplys.

Being a well literate person, he loves to read books, especially on subjects of spiritual well being, self motivation and self improving, ever constantly upgrading himself and challenge himself to a greater heights like playing the 16 bit strumming.

He dislikes to do boring things or staying in the comfort zone. The latest activities he enrolled to learn are Salsa Dancing and roller blading.
His vision is to lead a balance, creative and fruitful life.

His greatness motivation came when he met his life partner when his was studying in School of Theology 2 years ago, Chong Xiao Wei caught his attention and his heart with her elegance and demureness.

On 6th of January 2007, they tied the knot and opened a new chapter in their lives as husband and wife, planning to have their first child by 2008, and will not stop until he has as many as 3 children.

A godly man, loving husband, filial son, compassionate leader...

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