Monday, October 15, 2007

Baby Dedication Lunch

We are so happy for Johnny, His baby Stephen has been dedicated to God, blessed by our Honorary Pastor Kong. So on this joyous occasion, he has invited us for a lunch buffet.

Father and Son

Stephen is now 20 months old. A beautiful and active boy, not shy with people.

A mixture of good looks from both parents.
The bright eyed little boy playfully walked among the guests, entertaining them with his laughter.

Isabel and Danniel played at the fountain.

Children are always a joy to watch, their laughter contagious, their cheerfulness uplifting the spirits of those around them.

Ally help to take care of little Stephen

Some helped to set up the place to welcome the guest.

Others "trying" to help.

The beautiful Ibarrola family

Although Johnny has been in Singapore for many years, the whole family came only a year ago. The bond within the family is very strongly knitted together, the 2 elder sisters are great help to their mother, looking after the younger brothers without being told to do so. They are all doing so well in school.

Through them we can see the love of God really flow through them.

Amanda said grace for the sumptuous food that's cooked in Philippine style.

For most of us, its the first time we had Philippine food... simply delicious.

A great time of fellowship.

Daniel Ang graciously presented his latest creation specially made for the "Man" of the day.

As usual, his cake is well loved by everyone, including little Stephen, who could not help being attracted by the beautiful present.

His favorite is the 2 little toys covered in a blanket of sugar, not only its nice to look at, but good to eat too.

Little Stephen is such a joy to be with.
May God continue to bless him and his wonderful family, giving them good health and great wisdom.

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