Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mr. Lim Ah Nge

Our beloved Mr. Lim, I think by far he is the most humble and generous man I've ever seen. I've known him for 6 years, he has always been a quiet and caring person... But yet he is the least talked to person in the Cell Group. Always sits in a corner, greets anyone who walks past him saying : "Have you eaten?"

Looking a whole lot younger than 67, the senior citizen does push-ups and half-squats for half hour everyday to keep fit before leaving for work. Some of us half his age can't even do exercise for 5 minutes... tsk.. tsk.. tsk...

Born in a moderate family with 4 other siblings, the man has since young set his heart on conquering the great wide sea, determined to travel the moment he comes of age.

He started as a sailor for a fishing company, traveled and battled the rough South-China Sea many times for 2 years. When opportunity opened, he started to work for another fishing company sailing the coast of Sarawak.

During the years when property boomed in Singapore, he started to work in a construction company building HDB flats... Maybe one of you guys are staying in a flat built by him.

His list of working experience goes on a little further, but the most important is when he was working in the textile trading company, where he met Stella Sim, an on fire CHC member. She shared and encouraged him, always there with a listening ear, but never was ever pushy when it comes to inviting him to church.

The crucial moment came when his marriage failed almost a decade ago. Broken in the spirit, he agreed to come to church to see what church is all about. What he found was the sense of peace and joy that will never leave him, since then, he is happily planted in church.

For many years he has suffered from gastric problem, taking 8 different pills everyday in order to survive. But in 2003 God healed him completely, from then on he has totally been free from the medications. Praise the Lord!

Although he doesn't earn much from the current job in Burger King, but he never has a poverty mind set. When ever we had dinner, he will buy us drinks and refuse to take money from us. He is always the first few to give to the Cell Group Fund every month, he doesn't want to owe God any money, to him, giving to CGF is just as important to Tithe and offering, all these are God's money.

So much more we can learn from him... His life experience, his people experience,his relationship experience... When was the last time you talked to him?


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  1. Mr. Lim is also an expert on what Chinese herbs and medicine to take to rid certain ailments.