Friday, August 15, 2008

Book Review: "I Dare You" by Joyce Meyer

Price: S26.00

Do you feel lethargic? Do you sense yourself dragging your feet to your work everyday? Do you feel that you are not doing what you are supposed to do and not where you are supposed to be?

"I Dare You" to change all that!

Joyce Meyer teaches a variety of subjects and she is very prolific in publishing books to teach Christians about the Word of God and most importantly, how to apply the principles of God practically in your everyday life.

One of Joyce Meyer's strongest convictions is to challenge Christians to rise up and to live a not just a purposeful but bold and passionate life for Jesus.

Just as the title spells out so starkly, she explained what passion is, the foremost ingredient which really gets us motivated to live everyday life full of enthusiasm and zeal for God.

Her clear message in this book charged readers that we have the responsibility to make this life count as God did not place us here for no purpose; everyone has one but we each has to take the baton of our own life to boldly step out and embrace our God-given, God-inspired dreams and visions.

Indeed, we have the ability and grace of God to change. In this book, you will understand the areas that we should be stirred up and engage our whole hearts to be passionate with, challenged to let your dreams and desires that were placed in your hearts to go forth and try out and also, there is a chapter informing you the eight ways to waste your time, so that we are aware and be a good steward of managing our time.

Let God speak to you through Joyce Meyer's frank and straightforward messages that will inspire us not just live mediocre lives but fervent ones.

I dare you!

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