Friday, August 22, 2008

Its Yenny's Birthday coming up next, and we are so happy to celebrate for her.
We know she likes those cakes that Daniel has been making for the members, so our dear chief, despite his late night work and tight schedule for wedding preparation, made a very nice birthday cake specially for her.
(Sorry Daniel, I forgot to take a photo of the cake before they cut it, but I really love the rich flavor of it)

Everyone listened attentively as Yubing went on to speak of good words about Yenny, how she has grown in the Spirit for the past few months

When its Dorin's turn to speak...

Dorin: "Yubing! Why you said everything that I want to say? Now what am I going to say?"

Yubing: "Yes Ma'am... Sorry Ma'am..."

But nonetheless, she still have much things to mention as Yenny is a very nice and pleasant girl who has brought us lots of contagious laughter and brighten our Cell Group atmosphere with her beautiful smile and cheerful personnality.

Coincedentally... It Chee Foo's birthday too.

Our "Shopping Ministry" has bought a blouse which she can wear for her job interviews.

We are all happy that she is part of our Cell Group.


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  1. Yenny's sister, Sienny, said, "My name is not Sienny. My name is Pretty."