Saturday, August 30, 2008

Event of the year

Last post, I've mentioned that it was coincidentally Chee Foo's birthday, but there wasn't any cake or present for him because we have bigger plans for him...

We have been secretly planning this day for months, emails was flying all over the cyber-world 24-7. Ideas contributed, discussed and modified.

On this faithful day, everyone came earlier to prepare and wait for our VIP, Chee Foo's arrival

After Jennifer's opening speech, Angeline took over and started with the first game... The Dress-up Game.

It starts by passing the bag from hand to hand in a circle as long as the music keeps playing, but when it stops, the person holding the bag will have to pull out an item from it and put it on.

The first "victim" was Sienny, who pulled out a skirt and decided to spot it on her head.

Our friend Joseph somehow managed to pull out a dress, and Angeline shouted from across the room saying "Its mine, it's stretchable... PUT IT ON!" Took him a while to decide if it should go thru from the head or from the feet. Obviously he hasn't got much experience with it. But I think he don't look bad in it at all. ha ha...

The rest of the game, more people got different items to wear while the rest had a good laugh at them.

"We are the Super Cool"


Angeline introduced a new game... it requires unity, agility, cooperation, strategy and a lot of screaming.

It requires us to tear up a whole lot of newspaper, using them as ammunition to throw at the other team. But the objective is not to hit someone with it or put out his eye... but rather by the end of stipulated time, winner is the side with the least newspaper on the floor.

Adult and children alike, each gave all out to keep their side clear of newspaper. The scene was absolutely hilarious.

This is Newspaper War!

The highlight of the games is this Animal Game whereby everyone is blindfolded and they have to find their partner by making the sound. Or rather pretend to find...

The real intention was to get Chee Foo blindfolded while we prepare the cake and hand out the poppers.

And when he took the blind fold off...


I wish...

Next is Chow Time!!!

Of course, it isn't the end of the celebration...

As the night falls and the lights in the pool lighted up, Jennifer cheerfully gathered everyone for the Grand-Finale. Not splashes of fire-works across the sky but rather splashes of water in the pool.

Chee Foo's jaw was reaching his feet when we showed him his real present... which was floating in the middle of the pool tied to a dumbbell at the bottom.

We helped empty his pockets and nudged him go. He was reluctant to remove his top when A GREAT AND MIGHTY FORCE CAME AND...

(Video will be uploaded soon)

I was in the pool filming the process.

"(pant...pant...) This... is the most Shiong present I've ever received"

Neatly wrapped in the layers of plastic are 2 garments... first is a black jacket from"Skin"

2nd is a T-shirt from Ed Hardy.

"Its about my size... ha ha ha ha"

We also gave a small token to show our appreciation

Chee Foo: "Aiya... shouldn't have la... people come good enough la..."

Very nice T-shirt

"Come eat drink and be merry."

Everyone chipped in to make this day a successful celebration.


By the way... There are already talks on his next birthday, committees has been formed to look into it.

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  1. Hi Richard, thanks for the humorous updates. I like the pic of Chee Foo making his bday wish of having THREE babies (triplets??) That was really funny! :D If his wish comes true, next year we'll get for him NTUC vouchers instead, to buy milk powder :)