Friday, October 31, 2008

BBQ Outing on Deepavali Day

Our cellgroup had a BBQ session at Pasir Ris Park on the Monday public holiday after Deepavali. We were all looking forward to the fellowship, the fun and of course the yummy food!

It was indeed a very memorable outing because we were greeted with heavy showers and thunders once we arrive and the pouring continued for another 2 hours and so our planned game activities were delayed. However, the rain did not stop us from continuing and we were determined to set up the fire.

The pit well sheltered by colourful umbrellas, our cg is so well-equipped!

Praise God, the rain got gradually smaller and finally ended. Its really God's blessings in disguise because the weather was very cooling after that (no sweats!) and you can just smell the fresh air, the leaves and the trees!

The YUMMY feast!

Dinner time!

Everyone brought different food, beverages and desserts along. It's a great time tucking into the delicious spread of chicken wings, satay, otah, sotong balls, beehoon, cocktail jelly etc and not forgetting Michele's curry chicken and Gregory's homemade chocolate cereal puffs!

Ambassador of the day for Greg's choc cereal puffs: Michele

We continued with the games after dinner and had a crazy time playing Wacko, Dog&Bones and guess what - bananas! Yup, we used bananas for Wacko subsequently. So for example, instead of throwing a ball during Wacko, we threw bananas at each other and you can just imagine catching hold of the poor slimy squashed up banana in the fastest manner.

Amanda aiming to 'whack' her target

Team one getting ready for Monkey&Banana game (aka Dog&Bone game)

Going bananas over a banana

Quick! Catch her! She stole the banana!

Want some bananas?

We quickly discovered who were the gifted ones for Dog&Bone game, and that's none other than Eileen and Taru! They can sprint and act soo fast that the banana is practically gone in 60 seconds, well-done ladies! :) And so, that concludes our day of fun and laughter..till next time!

Say Cheese!

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  1. Mr. Lim still has very strong legs. He does squats every morning.