Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Departure

Auspicious day…
It is a day someone has been waiting for the past 2 years

She likes to eat this

She likes to play cell group games especially this one
+ +

She goes crazy when we have outdoor sports like

Here we are posing for the last few photos with her

The sweet smile from Taru

The gentle side of us

Giving the final hug to everyone before she left

What’s our beloved Amanda doing after Taru had left for good?

You cannot blame her because it’s already 12.30am..
YAWN…. ZzzZz Monster is waiting for us.

Last but not least, here's Amanda and Joshua singing a song for Taru during her last cellgroup with us.

And our dear Daniel even made delicious durian puffs for her!

TARU, we love you.
Don’t forget to show us around if we ever go to Finland.

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