Monday, September 7, 2009

Laughing Bride

Just came across this funny video on Yahoo...does it remind you of someone in the cellgroup? :P


  1. Hmm... Got two persons in mind. First person starts with G and second start with A. Both same same. :P

  2. Haha! Zhifu, i know who u toking abt la..

    Hehe.. 1 is Amanda & the other is yours truly lor..

    But I not so bad la.. Though i remembered giggling alot like this on my wedding day.. LOL.. :p

    Hmm.. Can look forward to seeing the someone like this on her wedding day hor?

    We are still waiting... ;)

  3. Actually I know Miss A will be like that too.

  4. Eh...I thought G is a guy?

  5. G ---> Grace. Graphito, please share with Meredith what happened during your holy matrimony. hehe

  6. Hahaha! Zhifu was 1 of our "Ah Gu"s so he actually remembers how comical the incident was.. :P

    Well.. Dith, I kept giggling during our holy matrimony & guess what?!

    We dropped our wedding rings 2x & Pastor, & some of the guests sitting in front had to search for it..

    Hahaha! 1st time Mike dropped it.. 2nd time Pastor Derek who was our wedding pastor dropped it too..

    Hahaha! So comical hor?! :P

    And I did nothing but kept giggling.. :P