Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Gavriil!

Gavriil first came to our cellgroup last year when his aunt, who is also one of our cellgroup members, brought him to church. So blessed was he by our services that he had been attending City Harvest Church regularly since then. Coming all the way from Greece to work in Singapore, this hunk of N116 even became a popular personality after joining Channel U's talent competition last year. Despite all these, he remains a humble and down to earth person. Last month, we celebrated Gavriil's birthday in cellgroup meeting for the first time.

Birthday boy Gavriil

Birthday speech giver Chee Foo

Birthday gift from all of us in N116

A cool Nike Jersey fit for a sporty hunk

Gavriil giving his birthday speech

Last but not least, Daniel's delicious double (white/dark) chocolate cake topped with digestive biscuit.

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