Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenice!

The 2nd last day of September is a special day for our dear sister Jenice, whose birthday falls on this day. God must have it planned well, 30th Sep was also a sunday where we had our church service and so we manage to celebrate Jenice's birthday on the actual day! This lovely sister not only has the hunger for God, but is also the evangelist of N116. The number of friends she brought to church is just amazing. Thanks Jenice, for introducing your friends and family to City Harvest Church, we pray that God will not only bless your coming in and going out, but also expand your faith and your gift of evangelism.

Birthday Gal Jenice

Faithful and tireless servant of N116 bakery ministry- Daniel Ang and his raspberry cheesecake topped with marshmallow & champagne grapes.

"When you wish upon God, your dreams come true...."

Birthday speech giver - Joshua

And the birthday present - shopping vouchers! what more can a girl ask for... :)

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