Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Cellgroup Night

One of the best things about being in a cellgroup is the much anticipated cellgroup Christmas bash. There is probably no better way to celebrate Christmas with your spiritual family than coming together on a moonlit night in a big cozy house filled with fun games, caroling, gift exchanges, great fellowship, good wine and champagne plus a sumptuous Christmas feast! This is also the day where we had our last cellgroup meeting for the year, which is kind of like the grand finale of 2009! Check out the line ups that we had:

It's game time! We were divided into 2 teams and each person was to unwrap a layer of newspaper (don't underestimate, they were wrapped in dozens of layers!) wearing kitchen gloves before passing on to the next person and so on till the last person in the team. The team that unwraps the most layers wins.

The second game we played was the 'All About Christmas' Tic-Tat-Toe . Our game host Jennifer certainly did not make this an easy one, and many questions are so tough that you probably need an encyclopedia. Each time someone answers a question correctly, the team he or she belongs to will get a chance to draw on the Tic-Tac-Toe board and this continues until there is a winning team.

Prize for the winning team - Ferrero Rocher Chocs!

After the games, it's time to sing some happy Christmas Carols and festive cheers!

Up Next: Duet performance of Chinese song '关怀方式 'by Joshua and Meredith with Daniel accompanying on the guitar.

After that, it's the exciting segment for everyone - gift exchange! As all of us had already drawn the name of the member we are going to buy present for some time back, so every gift will be meaningful to the reciever in some ways. Each one of us also came up with a short speech to encourage the person we are giving to.

Angela's gift was for Gregory, who could not make it for cellgroup due to work. Hence, we recorded her words for him. So Greg, this is for you ya?

Last but not least, the celebration will not be complete without this and here's the highlight of the night - THE FOOD!

These are just some of what we had. Everything was so delicious that all of us went home with a full stomach that night. For those who wished they were here and wasn't, fret not because there's always the next one, for we are not just a cell group who loves God but loves food as well. It's never too late to join us.

From all of us. Wish you have a blessed Christmas and Awesome New Year !

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