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N116 Appreciation 2009

2009 has been quite a year for us.

Some had a wonderful, eventful year. You had a supportive boss and kind colleagues. Your life is a bit more interesting as you found new friends that can click with you. You had shook away that boring working environment and the current one seems to be more exciting, at least for now. You are able to multitask well as you got the peace of mind at home because children and aging parents are in good health. It is a greater joy to see your children entered into new phase of their lives such as reporting for their first job, getting married & giving birth. Champagnes are popped when desires of your heart came to past. Oh yes, that miracle house, speedy recovery etc ... Praise the Lord!

To some, it had a challenging year. A loss of love ones; going in and out of hospital because parents were very sick; Career stuck; Juggling between jobs, study, family & ministry; financial struggle; health deterioration; heart break; don’t know what to do, etc.. Praise the Lord for His grace, strength and comfort during those hard pressed moments.

Changes do happen. In fact, only constant in life is changes. If change doesn’t cost you anything, then it wasn’t a real change. Without change, there can be no improvement. To some, change is grief. To some, change is growth. I am glad that the members of N116 have not given up on God when there are changes. After serving God in a cell group ministry for the past 8 years, I can conclude one thing. God is a faithful God. We have came out stronger as we persevere till the end of this year.

People who are successful, don’t have fewer challenges than anyone else. Successful people experience more failure, overcome more problems, navigate more changes, deal with more discouragement and fear than those who don’t succeed. How did they do it? They carry a different spirit from the rest. A spirit of great attitude.

Let us embrace 2010 with a choice of great attitude. It’s easier to maintain a right attitude than to regain it.

Here’s what happens on 27 Dec (Sun) for our CG appreciation meeting.

Arrived at Madeline’s house after Sun service. Video crew was busy setting up the TV. Didn’t know we had some potential ballet dancers.

Food was simply heavenly, mouthwatering, toothsome, yummy, palatable, scrumptious, flavorsome, etc.. The list just goes on. Don’t just believe, see below evidences.

Evidence 1

Evidence 2

Evidence 3

We played pictionary. Led by our all time favorite game host, Jennifer.

Saturday night fever

Praising God in all times

After a short word, Chee Foo sang solo and dedicated a touching love Chinese song to all – 老鼠爱大米. If you have missed this moment, you really miss it. Heard that he had been practicing this song secretly in the toilet.

A recap of what we did together as a cell in 2009.

This is the highlight of the session – Oscar winning award.
This is to reward members that have worked very hard and tirelessly for the past one year.

First Award - Best Cupbearer Award

What is Best Cupbearer Award ?
A cupbearer is one who fills, tastes and distributes cups of wine to the king. If the wine has poison, cupbearer is the first person that will die. Hence, a cupbearer is a person that the king can trust. Likewise, this person who wins this award is loyal, trustworthy and willing to bite the bullet for the cell group leader.

The nominees are Amanda, Jennifer, Shaoqing and Joshua

The cupbearer award goes to Joshua Thong

Joshua is willing to go for the extra mile for Chee Foo and members. Chee Foo commented that Joshua would often rearrange his busy schedule just to be available for him and any help when needed.

Second Award - Best Servanthood Award

What is Best Servanthood Award ?
This person just keeps serving tirelessly to the Lord and the members. He often works behind the backstage. Whether if anyone appreciates or not, it does not matter as sacrifice is a lifestyle to this person.

The nominees are Daniel, Mr Lim, Jennifer

The Best Servanthood Award goes to Daniel Ang

Each customized cake that Daniel bakes for the birthday boy or gal easily worth more than S$20. We have an average of 25 members. This guy does not collect money from cg fund for all the cakes baked for members, including new friends. More than this, Daniel often offers his help readily for members.

Third award - Best Supporter Award

What is Best Supporter Award ?
The best supporter is someone that has been a pillar and strength to the cell. This person may not be the loudest or having huge biceps to help out in the cell. Yet this member has been holding a BIG invisible banner in each gathering to support Chee Foo.

The nominees are Sally, Mr Lim, Cindy

The best supporter goes to Mr Lim

Mr Lim has only absent one time for cgm in the whole year of 2009. He is absent because he had a very bad stomachache. This shows how committed he is to the Lord. Chee Foo commented everytime he sees Mr Lim around, he will feel strengthened and know that the meeting will be awesome. Mr Lim, we love you !

Fourth Award - Most Willing Award

What is Most Willing Award ?
The most willing person is someone that simply avails even when the moment is at his/her most inconvenient time. This person has faith to believe that as he moves, God will move. In fact, God uses willing person. A person that is unwilling cannot be used in the kingdom of God. Unwilling person will find himself place at the shelf for a very long, long long time, until every stubbornness and pride are dealt with.

The nominees are Eileen, Cindy, Jennifer

The most willing person goes to Jennifer

What can we say, she is a person that has faith, willing to step out and conquer new grounds.

As for the rest of us, we have got a special photo frame. Reminded us that life is like an espisode. Live once, live well. Nothing is impossible with God.

Celebrating Francis and Madeline birthday

It is a 3-in-1 joyous celebration. CG celebration, house warming and birthday celebration.
See you folks in 2010.

More pictures behind the scene

Christmas moods still in the air

When should we start fasting ?

What? Got sharks fins ? Where to take ?

Someone doing a head stand ?

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