Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mummy Cindy's Birthday

The birthday coordinators had a plan. A brillant one. According to one Chinese folk tale, a Han Chinese rebel leader named Liu Fu Tong, devised a scheme to arouse the Han Chinese to rise up against the ruling Mongols to end the oppressive Yuan dynasty. Guess what we did ?

Yes, we placed a small note inside her fried rice. The note says, "This Saturday is my birthday !" She has to read aloud. The celebration started.

Singing out loud
It's my birthday... I am not going to run away this time*

* Cindy tends to be away either overseas or at chalet when her birthday is coming.
Where ever you go, we will follow you. Muhaha..
Chee Foo seems to have something up his sleeves.
Ahhh.. a paper.
Violet wrote a poem to express her love to Cindy.

"I awake each day with a smile,
And greet with a laugh
The world is a treasure to me
Because of you
Chee Foo expressing his heartfelt thanks to Cindy, by giving 3 short yet powerful words.
G - Girl Power
G - Gung-Ho
G - Giant Faith
"I finally can show the stylish side of me".
Another awesome gift purchase by Meredith.

We love you, Mummy Cindy !!

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