Sunday, March 14, 2010

Starring Saving Private Ryan (Part 2)

I just know that every man I kill, the farther away from home I feel.     ~Captain Miller

Captain Miller: [weakly mutters something]
Private Ryan: [leans in closer] What, sir?
Captain Miller: James, earn this... earn it.

This is not for the fainthearted. Mission has to be accomplished. The show must go on regardless of the pain and blue black. Starring the cast.

Platoon A
Platoon B

Platoon C

Platoon D
The ladies doing a last pose before the war starts.
Brave gals.

Last photo of intact hands and arms.

The story begins here. War is about dodging bullets, about killing other men, about seeing your comrade's entrails rotting next to his body. It's also about following orders -- that is, dedication to the military force fighting a war. The soldiers are early today, waiting for instructions.

Differences between man and woman

Mandy reporting..

Soldiers checking own equipment(s)

Last phone call.

Commanders giving instructions on weapon handling.

Can you tell who is not paying attention?
Moving on the second briefing point
Jeong : (using his mind power) "You cannot see me"
Joshua : I will keep this pellet for later use. 
Chee Foo : Can we shake hands with our enemies before we start?

Shouting at the top of our voices.
"We are the Champions!!"

All ready to go
Swift and Decisive
The action packed.
Victory after meeting the objectives.

Well done, Soldiers!
We did it.

Have you wonder why some people are so clean after the war?
Check this out.

Now you know why..  Ahem..

The place is covered with dark clouds, and it was pouring during first briefing. 
God did another miracle for us. Rain stopped the moment we step into the field.
Praise the Lord. God is a good God, and He answers prayer.

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